Beautifully Irresistible

By: M. L. Smith

Chapter One

Thursday 19th April 2012

My heart was pounding erratically as I drove along the long, wide gravelled drive of Zachary Cole’s country estate.

Would he remember me? I certainly remembered him.

He was pretty unforgettable.

Pulling up outside the front of his imposing home, I took a deep breath, grabbed my bag and walked on shaky legs to the front door.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I was a bundle of wired energy not helped by the triple espresso I had consumed en route.

I rubbed my hands down my face then stabbed the doorbell. After a few moments, he opened the heavy door, filling the space with his large frame. I gasped and stepped back, losing my footing. A strong arm reached forward and quickly yanked me upright. Gaining my balance, I then tripped over a lovely black Labrador. The dog let out a loud yelp.

Oh my god!

“You okay, Miss? Can I help you?” he said smoothly, pulling me to my feet.

For a moment, I drank in his stunning appearance and let his deep sexy voice seep into my ears. I opened my mouth but no sound came out. I closed it again. His eyebrows drew together as he frowned at me.

“Sorry, Mr Cole. My name is Jennifer Black. The agency sent me. I’m your new housekeeper,” I stuttered, giving him my hand.

“Oh right! Please come in, Miss Black!”

He took my hand in his. His skin was so soft and warm.

Zachary Cole stood aside gesturing for me to come in. My shoulder brushed against his body. I gasped at the jolt of electricity that coursed through my veins, heating my blood. My nipples tightened. His mouth curled into a wry smile as if he knew the state of play of my naughty nipples.

“What’s your gorgeous dog called?”

“That’s Gatsby. Please come this way, Miss Black.”

I followed him into a drawing room, drinking in his irresistible appearance.

I started at the top. It was a long way up. His mid-length sandy blond silky hair framed his beautiful features. When the soft spring morning light caught it, vibrant flecks of copper appeared. Blond wisps of his hair curled deliciously over the collar of his white shirt. His dark pink lips were full and he had a strong nose. He was blessed with beautiful cheekbones. A sprinkling of reddish blond stubble adorned his chiselled jawline and his chin as I remembered boasted the most adorable dimple.

His angelic features were quite simply breath-taking in their very masculine beauty.

Judging by the ripples underneath his shirt, I guessed that he worked out a lot and he probably looked quite magnificent naked.

Where did that thought come from? Focus, Jennifer, focus!

Raising an eyebrow, he slowly appraised my figure looking from my face down to my feet. I squirmed under his scorching heated gaze. The heavy air was laden with sexual tension. Raw desire rushed through my body in huge waves, taking my breath away. I really couldn’t gauge the expression on his face.

He licked his lovely lips, tormenting my highly aroused body as I stared at his tongue. His cheeks flushed slightly.

“Please sit down, Miss Black.”

He didn’t recognise me!

His beautiful eyes bored into me. My body seemed to have come alive in his presence. No one but him had ever had this effect on me before. I looked deeply into his stunning, piercing blue eyes. They were so devastatingly pretty.

“Here are the documents you requested.”

I passed them over to him, trying my best not to look into his eyes. Instead I zoomed in on his mouth.

My god! Those lips! That full sensual mouth!

I took in the palatial surroundings of his beautiful home in the outskirts of a charming small village in rural Kent, the garden of England. It looked like a French château set amongst, I was guessing, about 500 acres.

It truly was stunning. Just like him.

“You have a lovely home, Mr Cole.”

“Thank you. It was mainly my wife Phoebe’s design,” he replied quietly.

“I was so sorry to hear about your wife,” I blurted out.

“Thank you,” he stiffly replied.

He was seated on one of the very comfortable sofas and I had thankfully sunk into an armchair opposite. I primly crossed my legs noticing that my short skirt had risen quite a way up my thigh. I smoothed my hands over my skirt and tried my best to tug it down. He stared at my thigh for a long time.

Epic fail!

Zachary adjusted his tie and looked at me, clearly giving me the once over. His eyes came to rest on my extremely generous breasts. I had tried to restrain them in a sensible blouse but as usual they were misbehaving. He didn’t seem to realise how long he had been looking at them.

“I’m sorry to stare at you, Miss Black, but you are a lot younger than I thought you would be and a lot prettier. How old are you?” he asked.

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