Her Guardians

By: Jaimie Roberts

Chapter 1

I was not an average person. Sure, I looked as average as anybody else with my light brown hair and bright green eyes, which I got a lot of comments about. I lived and worked at the local police station in Fulham, London, as an Administrative Officer, and I had a few people I thought I could call friends. That sounded about average for someone, didn’t it? I thought so, too.

What was not average about me was that I saw things—things that a normal average person didn’t see. Some people say it’s a gift, but I found it was more like a curse.

Because of it, I never had been able to hold down a relationship with anyone, as the minute I touched their hands, I would see it…their past, their present, and their future. I didn’t want to see it. The vision just came to me, and there was nothing I could do about it.

It didn’t stop some of the men at work from asking me out or making advances, though. I didn’t like letting people down, but I always had to because I knew they’d want to touch my hand. The other reason was because I was completely obsessed with a police officer named Michael Andrews. It’s funny, too, because he was the only man at the station that didn’t bat an eye at me. In fact, I would go as far as saying he despised me. I sometimes felt he looked at me as though I was something on his shoe, or a bad smell. It devastated me to think he felt this way and I should just give it up, but I couldn’t. Maybe I just liked torturing myself. I didn’t know. What I did know was that he didn’t like me—not one little bit.

Today was like any normal day as I got ready in my little tiny studio flat that I had to struggle to pay the rent for every month. My uncle Billy said that I should use my “talent” more often to help me upgrade to a one bedroom. I didn’t want to do that, though, and would only resort to that kind of thing if it was really necessary. I didn’t like people to know about me because I thought it frightened people off.

No one at work knew, except my friend Kali. I knew I could trust her to keep my secret, as we’d been friends since little school. When we were looking for a job, there were a few positions at the police station, and we thought it would be a laugh if both of us applied. I knew she would get the job. I could see it when I touched her hand. I also knew that I would get the position. Sometimes I suppose it had its advantages.

I didn’t have much of a family. Both my parents died in a tragic accident, and my uncle Billy raised me. He was a photographer who I modelled for on occasion so he could build his portfolio. I didn’t mind doing it, but I did have an agency pick up on my photos once. Billy asked if I was interested and I said no. I tried to manage with what I had, kept my head down, and stayed out of trouble. Something inside me kept telling me this, and I thought I would like to listen to my gut for now. Instinct was a marvellous thing at times.

It was October and bloody freezing! I chose a grey dress with tights underneath to keep me warm. I slipped on my black high heels and left my studio. The great advantage of living and working in the same area was that I didn’t have to use transport. Every day, I left my flat at ten to nine in the morning and always made it on time.

As I headed down the stairs, a bitter wind hit my face and left me gasping. A part of me wanted to run back up the stairs and hide under my duvet. I may have a tiny flat, but it was cosy. I made it that way. As soon as I moved in six months ago, I painted it a beautiful pastel violet and hung lots of pictures on my wall to make it more homely. They’re mainly of my mum and dad, but some were of my uncle Billy and his partner, Chris. I was only six when the accident happened, but still old enough for me to remember them. I loved them to bits and the thought that they’re now gone and unable to watch me grow up, get married, and have children fills me with sadness at times. I just hoped they’re at peace, wherever they are.

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