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By: Melissa Foster

Destined for Love

Love in Bloom: The Bradens, #2

Melissa Foster

They were silent on the drive back toward Jade’s car. A quiet contentment filled the space between them. Rex held her hand in his, and her other hand had held the charm against her chest since they’d left the store. Even if Jade hadn’t believed that there was more to this world than met the eye, what just happened would have made her a believer. She waited for Rex to say something, not wanting to rush him. When they reached her car, he parked and turned toward her.

“I’m not ready to leave you yet,” he said. “I swore I was going to behave on our first date, but, Jade, I need to be close to you. I want to be close to you. We don’t have to do anything at all, but I want to hold you beside me.”

Without any thought, she said, “I want that, too.” Everything between them moved so quickly, but at the same time, it didn’t scare her. It felt right; it felt real.

“You sure?” he asked.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

He backed out and sped back to Allure, then pulled into the parking lot of the Allure Marriott. Every step toward the entrance made her heart beat faster. She had a fleeting thought about how she could manage to stay out all night without her father worrying. God, I really have to move out of their house. Soon.

“Your best suite, please?” Rex pulled out his wallet at the front desk.

“Sir? That would be our presidential suite, at the rate of twelve hundred and forty dollars a night,” the slim young man with the pasty skin said in a disbelieving tone, one that clearly indicated that he expected Rex to change his mind.

“Perfect,” Rex said.

“Twelve hundred and forty dollars a night? Rex, we don’t need that.” Jesus, what is he doing?

He touched her cheek, and she knew this was something he wanted to do, not to prove anything to her, but because he wanted to do it as a gift to them.

They came off the elevators on the top floor. At the end of the hall, a set of white double doors awaited them, complete with fresh roses in vases on either side.

“This is too much,” Jade said.

“Nothing is too much.” He ran the card through the electronic reader and the door clicked open.

Jade took a step toward the room, and in one swift move Rex swept her off her feet with one arm behind her knees and the other behind her neck. When she began to protest, he kissed her lips.

“Let me,” he said with a teasing smile.

He carried her over the threshold, and she gasped at the sheer size of the room. The back wall was a sheet of glass, with views of Allure set against the backdrop of the mountains. Jade felt like she was floating above the beautiful little town.

Rex kissed her more deeply, then set her on her feet.

“Have you been here before?” she asked, then instantly wished she hadn’t. “No, please, don’t tell me. I want to believe this is just ours.”

“It is just ours.” He brushed her hair from her shoulders. “I’ve never taken another woman to a hotel. I’ve never ridden a roller coaster. I’ve never taken a bath with anyone else, and I’ve never woken up beside a woman without wanting to run. I look forward to so many firsts with you. Just you.”

She swallowed the emotions that welled inside of her. “What about our families?” she asked.

“I’m not thinking past right here and now. I’ll have you home before morning, and we’ll still have to figure things out, but I want this. I want you. Even if it’s only for a few hours. I want to remain in our private little world.”

“Me too,” was all she could manage. She wanted all those things just as badly, but she kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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