Love Thy Neighbor(10)

By: Belle Aurora

Mimi’s face becomes serious and she asks quietly, “Why do you need to avoid him if you’re okay with it?”

The girls stare at me for a good thirty seconds before I respond quietly, “He told her I was no one.”

Mimi frowns, Lola gasps and Tina shakes her head slowly.

I continue on a whisper, “It hurt. Really badly. And I may have cried.”

Tina lifts her face and blinks. “But you never cry.”

I reply an exasperated, “I know, right?! I’m blaming it on the sleep deprivation.”

Mimi responds softly, “Or maybe you really do care.” Lola nods in agreement.

I sigh and run a hand through my hair. “I don’t want to care! God, why does this always happen? Ghost needs someone like Tina. Someone who is caring and sweet and delicate. And I need someone like- like- I don’t even know who!”

Frustration eats at me.

“Why not go out on a date with someone? Get your mind off him?” Lola suggests.

My brows lift. That is not a bad suggestion.

Do it.

I put one fisted hand under my chin and pose.

The Thinker.

Tina giggles. “Not every problem is resolved with a date.”

Mimi adds, “But it can’t hurt either.”

Both good points.

I respond, “It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date. I think that’s a great idea.” I smile and ask “What would I do without you guys? Group hug!” They smile and move closer to me. I wrap them up and squeeze them tight.

I love my girls.


Saturday night approaches and I’m pumped.

I can’t wait to get to the club and find myself a man!

Tina used to host the festivities before we went out which would consist of all us girls getting ready and yakking about anything and everything. But now she has Tatiana, and she can’t do it anymore. So I offered up my place.

Ghost won’t be there. I know he starts work at the club around seven.

I check my watch. It’s close to nine.


Mimi and Lola turn up minutes after I check my watch and we commence getting ready. We’ll meet Tina there.

We take turns using the bathroom mirror. I decide to save time and do Mimi’s makeup so we can get out of here earlier. Mimi fixes Lola’s hair and I begin to ready myself by letting my hair down and ruffling it.

Mimi dresses in a black tube mini dress with black heels. Her blonde hair is straight and her eye makeup is dark and smudged. She looks hot.

Lola dresses in skinny black low-rider jeans, a white tank and strappy sandals. Her long brown hair is half up and her makeup is minimal. But she still looks amazing. Now that she and Trick are a sort-of item, she doesn’t dress for anyone but him anymore. I’ll admit it. It’s kinda sweet.

I wear a bright canary yellow dress. It comes a little above my knees, has long sleeves and is tight. It hugs my curves. You would think I’d look like a clown wearing a yellow dress with bright red hair but, somehow, it works. I can’t wear underwear under this dress, it shows the lines. So I decide, for one night, to go without.

I feel bare. And icky.

I finish my look with light yellow strappy pumps. My makeup is done using a little eyeliner, a lot of mascara and pale pink lipstick. My hair falls in waves down my back.

I love this dress.

When Tina went on her scouting trip earlier this year, she sent me a picture of this dress and I knew immediately I had to have it. I begged and pleaded with her to get it. Then I demanded, I mean asked, she ordered ten, and within two weeks on the racks, they were sold.

When we’re ready to go, we hop in the cab I called for and we’re off.

Toot toot!

I can’t wait! I’m on the prowl tonight!

I guess subconsciously I am peacocking with my outfit. I mentally pray that I don’t look like an abstract Picasso.

The cab pulls up to The White Rabbit and we whoop as we exit. B-Rock, the huge African American bald doorman, chuckles and shakes his head when he sees us. We approach and he says, “I thought I recognized that craziness. Damn, you girls are looking good tonight. Give B-Rock some love.”

I smile big. We do this every weekend. B-Rock likes to act up a little and we love him so much that we play along. He looks like a bear, but he’s a total kitten. And he’s adorable.

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