Their Stepsister(10)

By: Alexa Riley

“Princess,” he says as he drags a hand over his face as if he’s trying to relieve some stress. “You’re tempting a beast here. I haven’t had a woman in about two years and I don’t think you've been with many men. If you keep tempting me like that, I’m going to flip you over and shove all ten inches of me deep inside you. I’m guessing that little pussy you’ve got isn’t quite prepared, so I’d be more careful if I were you.” He lets a smile spread across his face and looks at me more intently. “Unless that’s what you’re after, and you want to be walking funny tomorrow.”

Wait, did he just say what I think he did? I’m skipping over the ten-inch comment and going to the other shocking confession. “Are you saying you haven’t been with a woman in two years?” I’m sure the disbelief is quite evident on my face because there’s no way this man hasn’t been with a woman in that long.

“Hell, Sarah, it might have been even longer than two years. I can’t remember the last woman I was with.”

“But I don’t get it. I’m sure you have women falling all over you,” I say. The thought makes my skin crawl. It makes me remember the leggy brunette at the bar, hanging all over Luke.

“I never said I couldn’t get any or haven’t had the opportunity. I’m just saying I haven’t. And to be honest I haven’t wanted to. I have needs, Sarah, and I’m sick of denying them.” He shoots me a heated look while palming himself through his dress pants.

“Are you referring to you and Luke sharing women?”

His eyebrows rise at my question. I’ve only heard a few jokes at work when some of the guys didn’t realize I was within earshot. I always wondered if they were true. Maybe even prayed it was.

“Now, where in the hell did you get that idea?”

“I hear some of the men around the office joke about it,” I confess

“Well, I’ll be having a talk with them on Monday about keeping their fucking mouths shut. You don’t need to hear that kind of talk.”

This makes me burst into laughter. “It wasn’t even two seconds ago you were saying the dirtiest things to me in the hallway.”

“That’s exactly right. The only men you hear talk dirty is Luke and me. You got that? I don’t like the idea of other men putting those thoughts into your pretty head. In fact, the idea of another man even around you pisses me the fuck off. So let’s nip that shit in the ass right now. In fact I’m mad at myself for not making a move on you faster. I don’t like to think about you being with a man before. You better pray Luke and I never meet one of them because we’ll probably be doing twenty-five to life after we’re done with him.” He gives me a stone-hard face that I’m not used to seeing on Logan. Luke yes, but never Logan.

“Well, it’s safe to say I have you beat, big brother. I haven’t been with a man in twenty-four years,” I tell him. With that admission, Logan is across the room, pushing me down into the bed before I can blink.

“Say it, Sarah. I have got to her you say it.” He looks at me with pleading and hungry eyes. “Tell me this sweet little pussy has never known another man.”

“Never,” I whisper, making Logan close his eyes as if in pain.

Opening his eyes, he looks at my mouth. “That mouth ever taste a cock?” he asks.

“Never,” I repeat.

He leans down and takes my mouth in a yearning kiss. I can feel all of his need as he pushes into my mouth. I return the kiss, pouring into it years of denied want. I can’t believe the things he has confessed to me. He hasn’t been with a woman in years, but here he is acting like he can’t get enough of me. I can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t been with anyone in so long.

“When Luke finds out you’re untouched he might lose it. I think a part of him is going to be happy but another part of him will be pissed off. We've been fighting this thing for you. I believe this is going to be another nail in his coffin. He’ll be angry that he won’t be able to refuse you anymore,” Logan murmurs against my lips before recapturing them.

Pushing on Logan’s chest, I try to break the kiss. I have to clear some things in my head. So much is rattling around in there that I need some clarity. “Logan, please, I need some answers here, this is all so overwhelming!”

“After that little bomb you just dropped, Sarah, I’ve got to relieve some of the pressure in my cock because I’ve got no brain power at the moment to carry on a conversation with you. Lose the shirt and the underwear before I rip them off you,” he growls as he releases me and unbuttons his shirt.

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