Easy (Trojans MC Book 7)

By: Sam Crescent


“We can turn back,” Duke said.

“No, we can’t turn back. We have to do what we can to protect the club, right?” Holly said.

Duke stared at his woman, holding her hand. He knew she was going through a lot of shit right now. More shit than he could even begin to imagine. There was a life that she had never gotten to know, and would never know. Lies upon lies that had not only hurt the club but her as well. He hated that she was never going to get that time back with her real father. Even if the bastard was a piece of shit, but then again, at least she wouldn’t have to deal with the trauma if he was a piece of shit.

“This is all just so surreal to me right now, Duke. I don’t … nothing makes sense anymore. My life, my dad, everything. I’ve been living with a guy I thought was my father, and he’s not. I’ve lived a total lie, and what makes it worse, Mom and Russ haven’t always been happy. They’ve been so miserable with each other. Why do it? Why risk it? Maybe it doesn’t matter. I doubt they even know why they did.”

“Do you think they stayed together because of the risk with Abelli?” he asked.

“I don’t know. All I know for certain right now is this could go to complete crap in a second. We’re protecting Maya, and I think she’s like my half-sister. My real father is the kind of man that doesn’t mind ordering the rape and torture of his own daughter, and she’s just a kid, Duke. Younger than Matthew, and he’s a baby as well.”

“Matthew would argue that.”

“I’m terrified, Duke. I’m scared that the club will be torn apart, and I’ll have to watch innocent people die. Our friends, our family. I can’t live with that. I won’t.”

“I’m going to do everything in my power to protect you, Holly. You, our family, our club, and the Trojans belong to us. We’re the ones that run it, together. I’ll never go down without fighting.”

She nodded, and he saw the tears in her eyes, the fear. He hated that she felt any kind of fear.

“Let’s do this.”

Climbing out of his car, he rounded the vehicle, and helped Holly out.

Entering the restaurant, Duke noted several waiters who were in fact bodyguards. This was the most logical way of entering Abelli territory. They were lucky that they hadn’t been shot on sight, and he was sure the only reason they hadn’t been was because of Abelli wanting to know his daughter. The one that was taken from him.

“Over here,” a rough voice said.

Putting a hand on Holly’s back, Duke made sure to guard her, making sure no one had a shot at his wife. He would die protecting her, and Pike knew if anything happened to him, he was to take care of Holly. The club would avenge him.

They were just a simple MC. They played hard, fucked hard, but when it came to their women, and their club, they were fucking savages. No one stole from them. No one hurt who they cared about and got away with it.

“Abelli?” he asked, taking a seat after Holly.

The man’s face was shrouded in darkness. Duke didn’t like not being able to see his opponent.

“It is I,” he said, leaning forward.

Holly let out a gasp, and Duke wasn’t feeling all that good either. The man’s face was something out of a horror movie, gashes and burn marks. There was nothing remotely human looking about him, apart from his eyes.

“Does it shock you?” Abelli asked.

“You look like a nightmare,” Duke said, being honest.

Abelli burst out laughing. “You’d think that this face would stop me being popular with the ladies, but I’ve got enough money that I can make whores lick my face as I ride their pussies.”

“Ew,” Holly said.

“I’d appreciate it if you don’t talk like that in front of my girl.”

“So this is my daughter.” Abelli lit a cigarette with his gaze focused on Holly. “You’re pretty.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“Wow, you’ve also got manners. You sure Russ has been pretending to be your father? That fucker didn’t have a polite bone in his body when I knew him.”

“He let you live, didn’t he?” she asked. “I’d say that is pretty polite.”

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