PINK:Hot 'N Sexy for a cure

By: Tara Oakes

Books for Boobies 2015 Anthology

Tara Oakes & River Savage & Nilicki & Kathryn Kelly & Kira Barker & L. Wilder & Lisa Eugene & Michelle Dare & R.E. Hargrave & T.S. Irons & Cora Riley

A Message from Books for Boobies

Many of you have supported Books for Boobies, from its inception late last summer when we organized to host our first event… many of you have never heard of us before but decided to take a chance and either support a great cause, or just happened upon a hot new book by some of your favorite authors.

Either way, I cannot thank you enough for supporting our 2016 anthology. There are many anthologies out there and far many similar worthy causes. What sets Books for Boobies apart? What exactly are you supporting by buying this collection of donated material by a group of very generous authors?

Let me tell you.

Books for Boobies is a collaborative effort between authors, bloggers, and readers who unite to share our passion for books with a cause very near to all our hearts.

Breast cancer.

Each of us knows, loves, or may themselves be a breast cancer patient. I hope dearly that the woman you think of right now is a survivor of this life-changing condition, but I share in your grief if they are not.

My own grandmother, who we affectionately called “Babes” all her life- because she was as beautiful inside as she was out, succumbed to the disease in 1998 after it had returned for the second time.

I remember her treatments, her first recovery, her last days. I remember how there were times when she was undergoing those treatments when she would seem lost, when she had forgotten that her illness was only a small part of her full life.

I founded Books for Boobies as an outlet to provide for women in that same position- to offer them the wonderful distraction of fantasy worlds, of daydreams, of book boyfriends, and the close-knit book community that supports them fully.

Last year, we held a weekend-long, online event that fundraised nearly one thousand dollars directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Authors, cover-models, bloggers, and businesses all donated their time and even items to help make the event a hit. Over eleven-hundred of you attended that event.

It was because of you that we were able to raise such a generous donation to the NBCF. How was your money used?

The National Breast Cancer Foundation provides free and low-cost mammogram services to women in need. They do more than talk, educate, or even raise awareness for the disease- those things are all well and good, but anyone can do those things.

We need to do more.

We need to actively help these women in both mind, body, and spirit through their journey. Every cent of profit from every sale of this book will go to our group fundraising account with the NBCF to help protect women’s bodies through their mammogram services.

Reading the wonderful work donated by the contributing authors of this anthology will hopefully ease those women’s minds some. I think just knowing how much each and every one of us cared about them during their journey will do wonders for their soul, for their spirit.

Thank you so very, very much for supporting us in this task, but I ask you, I beg you, to help us do more.

Let’s really blow this thing out of the water. Please make whatever donation you’re capable of directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Please donate in the name of the woman you first thought of when you started reading this passage. If you’re donating for the cause without having known a breast cancer patient personally, may I suggest you consider donating in Kathryn Kelly’s honor. She is one of the contributing authors of this anthology. You’ll read her story soon enough in the following pages.

Weeks after signing-on with us, she was herself diagnosed with Breast Cancer, the very disease we’re working together to combat. You may not know Kat, she may not know you, but she is just the kind of woman that Books for Boobies was created to help. And you see, while she’s helped us offer hope to other women, I suspect something great has happened along the way- you’ve all offered hope to her.

We all have a part in this. We are all in this together.

Thank you so much for supporting us in our journey. Please help us celebrate the hard work of these authors and the wonderful community we’ve built by attending our online release and fundraiser event HERE.

And please, make sure to follow Books for Boobies on facebook, HERE.


Tara Oakes

Founder of Books for Boobies


There are many, many people to thank for their efforts in assembling this anthology. Thank you so much for each of your contribution.

Thank you Sara Elrew, and Christina of CBB Productions, for such a great cover. I could not have dreamed of a more beautiful and poignant image. Thanks to the cover models Sebastiano Tiralongo and Stef Lambert for giving us such a sexy photograph to work with. I also want to thank all of you donating your time and talent for us this year. I hope every single person who purchases this book takes a moment to admire the cover art, because it truly is a work of art.

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