Promise Me (Rivers Edge Book 3.5)

By: Lacey Black

Chapter One


“You are the luckiest beotch ever,” I tell my best friend good-heartedly as she sits next to me in the limo while sipping a glass of champagne.

My best friend, Avery Jackson, is married to a hot, hunk of man candy. On top of his sheer hotness, he’s a cop. Uniform. Badge. Hot.

“I am a lucky beotch, aren’t I?” she states with a smirk from her seat next to me. A smirk and a far off look in her eyes tells me she’s recalling a recent private moment shared with her man.

Tonight, we are celebrating Avery’s twenty-fourth birthday. Maddox surprised her with tickets to see Bent, the hot rock band taking the country by storm, one concert at a time. Avery gave birth to my unofficial nephew last month, Ryder. He’s perfect in every way possible. He has his daddy’s dark hair and his mommy’s crystal blue eyes. There’s no doubt about it that he’s going to be a heartbreaker when he’s older.

“Not only did your hot-ass husband get you tickets to Bent, but I want to know how he ended up with backstage passes, too?” I ask as I sip my glass of champagne, the bubbles tickling my throat as I relax in the comfort of dark, soft as butter leather seating in the spacious limousine.

“Jase’s oldest brother, Coy, was stationed with Maddox and Jake on their tour overseas. They’ve kept in touch over the years, and Coy always said he could hook them up with tickets whenever they wanted. Maddox was only going to get the tickets, but Coy was able to secure the backstage passes and front row seats for him,” Avery mentioned.

“Seriously. Lucky beotch,” I say again and raise my champagne glass to solute the birthday girl.

“I’d like to propose a toast,” Erin says from the seat in front of me. Erin is Jake’s fiancée. Jake, Avery’s oldest brother, and Erin are getting married this summer in the backyard of Avery’s parents, Michael and Elizabeth. On the other side of Erin is Josselyn, Travis’s wife. They were married this past Thanksgiving in their backyard mere weeks after giving birth to their son, Grant. I’ve grown accustomed to all of their deliriously happy smiles. I try to keep my jealousy in check since they’ve all overcome their own trials and tribulations to get to this place in their lives. Besides, Erin and Josselyn have become two of my dearest and closest friends.

“To our birthday girl, Avery. May you have another year of love, laughter, and hot sex. And when Jake and I finally start a family, I hope I have your body. You don’t look like you just had a baby four weeks ago,” Erin says as we all hold up our champagne flutes.

“Beotch,” I mumble under my breath which causes the other three ladies in the limo to break out into another fit of laughter.

“To Avery,” we all say in unison before taking a drink of the sweet, bubbly champagne.

“So, have you checked in with the guys, again, yet?” I ask Avery.

“Yeah, I sent Maddox a text a few minutes ago. He says Ryder is sleeping soundly and Brooklyn is playing dress up with Jake since Travis wouldn’t let her dress up Grant,” Avery says with a laugh.

It’s hard to believe that Grant is almost six months old already. He is the spitting image of his dad with his blue eyes and sandy blond hair. Seriously, these Stevens’ make the most beautiful babies.

Brooklyn would be my unofficial niece. Avery and I were nineteen when she was born. I managed to go to the local community college for nursing school, but Avery had to forgo college and get a job to support herself and a baby. Brooklyn’s biological father is a Jerkface with a capital J. He had been cheating on Avery pretty much their entire relationship, and the moment she found out she was pregnant, he ditched her like yesterday’s Chinese take-out. Drake Connor isn’t worth the designer jeans and fancy loafers he wears.

Maddox stepped in and adopted Brooklyn within weeks of their wedding a year ago. In fact, little Ryder was born a year and two days after Avery and Maddox’s nuptials. Avery finally has her happily ever after, and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the woman she has become.

“So, tell me about Doctor Paul,” Avery says. All eyes filled with sparkly excitement turn towards me.

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