The Academy:The Other Side of Envy

By: C. L. Stone

The Academy

The Ghost Bird Series

The Other Side of Envy

♥Book Eight♥

Gabriel backed off an inch. I wasn’t thinking about it, but then felt his hand on the small of my back, sliding down and touching the hem of my underwear.

I blushed again, looking back at him, confused. Did he want me to move?

His eyes were on my butt. I understood then. I was wearing the heart underwear he had commented on earlier. Now my cheeks were really too hot. I hadn’t expected him to see that.

His fingers traced the edge of the panties. “Hidden heart...” His eyes drifted up, until the deep crystal blue pools caught mine and I found myself unable to reply.

His eyes drifted down again, stopping at my mouth. The shirt he’d pulled from the dresser dropped to the floor.

I twisted, until my back was against the door. “Gabriel?”

He breathed out slowly, his hands catching my wrists until they were pinned to the door. His head lowered, his eyes closed.

His lips found mine.


I was spending the night at Silas’s house when he got a call that there was a job, and they wanted me to go along. The sun wasn’t yet up over the tree line as we left his apartment. As we got in the car and drove, he filled me in on some of the details. “But I need you to promise if you’re coming with me, you’re not to ask any questions. Just listen and watch.”

“Okay,” I said. I yawned, and stretched. After homecoming and Halloween, the boys and I had been on a slower schedule: school work and the diner only. We also had Gabriel’s birthday coming up, and while I had wanted to go with Victor and Luke to the store to pick something out for him, a job cropped up this morning and we had to go. “But where are we going?”

He pursed his lips and then changed lanes to get onto the highway, heading toward downtown Charleston. “We’re meeting Kota, Victor and Nathan. I think there might be more, but I’m not sure.”

“Where are they?”

“There’s a run-down building where a bunch of kids are hiding out. They think they’re runaways but it’s hard to tell.”

“Why do they need you?”

“Because they’re Mexican,” he said. “I sort of look the part.”

“Oh,” I said quietly and slid a look at him as he focused on driving.

His black hair, olive complexion and perhaps some of his features made him a passable Mexican descendant. He was tall, though, and very broad in the shoulders. He towered over me and other kids at school. He was even starting to fill in his faux school uniform jacket to the point that Gabriel had to order a new set for him. Silas was as dangerous as a stuffed animal, but thinking back to when I first met him, I’d been intimidated by his size. He was handsome, yes, and sweet, but anyone looking at him for the first time might be nervous.

Still, if Mr. Blackbourne thought it was okay, perhaps I needed to listen. I sank back, looking out the window. “Mr. Blackbourne wants me to go along?”

“He thinks since you look nice they may be more responsive to you if they won’t talk to me.”

I wasn’t sure how to take the compliment. I was shy and wasn’t sure what help I could be with a group of runaways. I reached back to fix my sandy blonde hair, the color was what Gabriel often call chameleon because it looked different under different lighting. I twisted it back up into my hairclip. It was starting to grow out, allowing me to pull back most of it away from my face like I used to be able to do before Gabriel cut it. “Was this the job you were called back for?”


“Is this what you do?” I asked. “I mean, what you’ve done when you’ve gone out on missions? Talk to runaway kids?”

“No. I do other things, too.”

I stared at him for a while as he focused on driving. I wasn’t sure if he was allowed to say what it was, so I left it alone. “It’s hard sometimes,” I said. “I mean, I know I can’t ask too much...”

“I’d tell you more,” he said, glancing at me before returning his eyes to the road, “but to be honest, I’m not sure how much I can say.”

“Because you have to keep it a secret,” I said. “I understand.”

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