A Bear's Protection

By: Roxie Noir

Shifter Country Bears #1


“Just follow my lead,” she said, letting one arm curl around his neck. “Left, right, left...”

With each instruction she moved her hips to that side and Ash followed her with his hands. He felt almost overwhelmed with the nearness of this beautiful firecracker who’d just rushed into his life.

“Focus,” she said, reprimanding him when he missed the beat again. “Move your feet a little. Loosen up.”

She pressed herself against him again, one arm around his neck, the other slowly making its way up his arm. Cora bit her lip and followed the progress of her hand with her eyes. Beyond her, he could see Hunter, standing at the edge of the dance area, watching the two of them.

The hunger was obvious in his mate’s eyes — almost as obvious his erection.

“Oh, Ash,” said Cora’s voice, somewhere around his chest. “Pay attention!”

He realized he’d gotten off the beat again, and Ash growled. He didn’t even want to be dancing right now — he wanted to grab Cora and Hunter and drag them off into the woods.

“I told you I’m no good at this,” he said, his voice low and rumbly.

Cora pushed her hips against his a little harder, and a groan nearly escaped Ash’s lips. He could feel her, even through the layer of their clothing, and he needed her.

“You’re not even trying,” she whispered.

“That’s the worst part,” he murmured. “I am.”

“Here,” she said. She grabbed his hips in her hands and anchored them against hers, his aching erection crushed between them. “Left. Right. Left.”

“How’s the lesson going?” asked Hunter’s voice in his ear. The other man’s stubble tickled his ear, just barely, making a series of sparks run down his back.

“It might go better if you helped,” Ash said.

Instantly, he could feel Hunter’s erection pressed against his back, in perfect time with the motion of Cora’s hips in front of him. Hunter’s hands stole past him and over his own hands, firmly anchored on Cora’s hips, and Hunter interlaced their hands together, both of them touching Cora.

Between the beer, the fire, and the dancing, Ash was starting to feel a little lightheaded, and he shook his head the tiniest bit, struggling to stay in control.

“You’re doing better,” Cora said, in front of him. A teasing smile was still tugging at her full lips, curving them up at the corners.

“I’ve got a good teacher,” he said.

He leaned down, utterly unable to resist the short, fiery human in front of him.

You probably shouldn’t do this, he thought. Yesterday she’d never dated a shifter before, and now she’s dirty dancing with two of them.

She didn’t look overwhelmed, though. She looked perfectly as home, like a natural, dancing to the boombox in the woods.

She looked incredibly sexy.

Ash couldn’t hold himself back and longer.

In one motion, he pressed his lips to hers, hard, finally feeling her soft, plump mouth on his.

She kissed him back instantly, opening her lips below his, running her delicate tongue along his bottom lip, at the same time grabbing the back of his head and pulling him into her, pressing their bodies together even harder.

Ash had to force himself to go slow. His bear was growling at him to yank her top off, push her skirt up around her waist and mate her hard, right here, but he resisted.

Instead he ran his tongue along her lips. Cora moaned, just slightly, and Ash pushed his tongue inside her mouth, finding hers, tangling them together as his hands wrapped around her back, nearly lifting her off the ground.

Then Hunter wasn’t behind Ash anymore. He was in front of him, on the other side of Cora, her jaw in his big, thick hand, and Ash watched as his mates kissed.

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