A Bear's Protection(2)

By: Roxie Noir

It was hotter than anything he’d ever imagined.

Cora was still in his arms, and he could feel her heartbeat speed up as Hunter’s mouth worked against hers, the rumble coming from his chest that told Ash they were having the same struggle.

Cora’s head was turned to one side as she kissed Hunter, and Ash bent down and applied his lips to the smooth, pale expanse, licking and sucking along her jawline, listening to the tiny noises she made in her throat.

She had one hand on Ash and one on Hunter, pressed between the two men.

When she and Hunter parted, her eyes were half-closed, heavy with lust, and Ash could smell her arousal, hanging heavy in the air.

His bear growled and clawed at him from the inside, roaring to be let out.

He took Hunter’s jeans by the waistband, his fingers sliding just inside, and pulled the other man to him. Where the backs of his fingers touched Hunter’s hips they nearly burned with heat and desire, and Ash kissed his mate roughly, seeking out the other man’s tongue with his own, biting his lip hard.

Hunter growled, and the scent of Cora’s arousal that hung in the air intensified. He nearly wanted to tear his own skin off — he’d never felt more turned on, more electric than he did at just that moment.

He ended the kiss with Hunter and leaned their foreheads together, looking down at Cora. Her eyes shone in the firelight, her mouth partly open.

Then she bit her lip and blushed, looking down for a moment. Ash reached down and took her chin gently in his hand, tilting her face back up.

“Watch all you want,” he said.

He kissed Hunter again, feeling like he might nearly crush the other man with the force of his desire. Better him than Cora, though.

Hunter was at least as strong as Ash, and Ash knew exactly what he could take.

Then Cora’s hand was on his neck and on Hunter’s, and Ash broke off the kiss again. Hunter got to Cora first, kissing her ferociously but gently, and ever so slightly, she turned her head toward Ash, inviting him in as Hunter began trailing kisses down her neck to her shoulder, Ash savoring the delicious warmth of her perfect mouth, his hand sliding down her waist to her hips, still moving just in time with the music...

Out of nowhere, the music cut out.

Chapter One


Cora steeled herself as she walked through the cafe doors. She knew her older sister wasn’t going to like what she had to say, but she needed to tell Amelia sooner or later.

I’m moving to Cascadia, she thought, like she was practicing. I’m moving, but I’ll be fine.

She marched up to the table where Amelia already sat, sipping a cup of coffee, a matching mug steaming in front of the empty seat meant for Cora.

Cora’s heart twisted in her chest.

Who’s going to order me coffee the way I like it after I move? she thought.

Amelia looked up and smiled.

“There you are,” she said.

Cora swallowed and stood up straight. It was now or never.

“I’m moving to Cascadia,” she said.

Amelia stared, her mouth open in a perfect little O, her coffee cup frozen halfway to her mouth. Seconds ticked by in silence.

“Say something,” Cora said.

“The shifter state?” Amelia finally asked.

Cora just nodded.

Amelia set her coffee back on the table without drinking any of it.

“You can’t let him run your life,” she said.

Cora sat, hanging her purse across the back of the chair, and she took a long swig of the coffee that Amelia had gotten her.

Then, without saying anything, she reached into her bag and pulled out a manila envelope. Her hands shook, just a little, as she pulled out a photograph and handed it to her sister.

Amelia turned red with anger almost immediately, and even though Cora had thought that she couldn’t possible get angry again, she felt the rage building inside her as well.

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