A Bear's Protection(5)

By: Roxie Noir

He felt a thousand impulses, all firing at once. He wanted to take her into his arms and comfort her, feeling her soft, smooth flesh against his own, bend down and kiss her.

He also wanted to find whatever it was she was afraid of and tear it into a thousand tiny pieces. In that instant, Ash knew he would do anything to keep this girl safe.

He could barely keep him below the surface, the animal inside him fighting to get out and go on a rampage.

Finally, his police training took over, and he found his voice. His human voice.

“Ma’am,” he said, holding his left hand out and moving his right toward his gun. “Please get back in the car.”

Her eyes darted to his hand, close to his gun. Oddly, the sight of it seemed to calm her down — the opposite of what usually happened.

He started to sweat, the beads rolling down the back of his neck and into his collar.

Down, he thought, trying to calm his bear. Calm down.

“Can I see your badge?” she asked. Her eyes were still a little wild, but she seemed to be calming down.

Ash held it out toward her, and she looked it over carefully without touching it.

Whatever was happening, his badge had put her at ease.

“Is everything all right?” he asked.

“I’m sorry,” she said, pushing one hand through the mass of her hair, totally oblivious to the struggle going on inside Ash. “It’s nothing. My ID is actually in the trunk, and I thought you would need that?”

Ash thought his heart might pound right out of his chest, and his mouth went dry. Even from five feet away, he was almost overpowered by her scent, a combination of musk and vanilla and some other deeper, truer odor that was simply her.

His head swam.

Stop it, he told himself. You’re the authority here.

Not that he could hear himself over the deafening roar of his own animal. The girl had on an old, faded Baltimore Orioles t-shirt, jeans, and flip-flops, but even so, Ash could see the perfect outline of her curves, the swell of her hips and bosom.

Push her up against the car and take her, the bear whispered. He absolutely ached to touch her, squeeze her, slide his lips along her neck and listen to the noises she made...

“Are you okay?” she asked.

Ash swallowed, then cleared his throat.

“Please just get back in the car,” he managed to say.

The girl gave him a long look, her deep hazel eyes examining him from head to toe. Then she turned and got back in the car.

She looked just as good from behind, and Ash savored watching the sensual swell of her ass as she stepped away.

Then Ash collected himself, walked up to the car, and bent down.

“Hi, ma’am,” he said. He had to rescue this interaction, somehow. It had already gone pretty far off the rails, but he still needed to act professional.


“Are you aware of the speed limit in Cascadia?” he asked, adjusting his hat.

The girl turned slightly pink and her eyes searched the road ahead.

“Actually, no,” she said, sounding embarrassed.

“It’s seventy,” Ash said. He was doing his best to sound stern, but there was something off in the girl’s manner. When he’d first seen her, she’d been jumpy, almost terrified, and now she didn’t seem bothered that she was getting a traffic ticket. In fact, she seemed almost relieved.

“According to my radar gun, you were doing at least ninety-five.”

At that, her eyebrows shot up. She looked genuinely surprised.

“Holy shit, I was?”

Ash couldn’t help but smile. Beyond the fact that this girl was smoking hot, she had a half-innocent, half-feisty attitude that he found charming.

“You were,” he told her. “Actually, our radar guns are kind of old and they get squirrely around ninety-five, so you might have been going faster.”

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