A Stepbrother for Christmas:The Hard and Dirty Holidays(9)

By: Celia Aaron

“I know.” He brushed his lips over mine so softly – our first real kiss.

Then he rose. When his cock slid out, a frustrated sound caught in my throat.

“More, Anna?” He laughed, low and sensual. “Don’t get greedy on me. I have two weeks to make it all up to you.”

He pulled his pajama pants up and backed off the bed.

In the low light he looked like a dark sex god, one that could make my deepest desires come true. Hadn’t he?

He disappeared into the bathroom and clicked his door closed with a quietly called “goodnight.”

Chapter Four


My heart raced as I lay back down. Her scent was still on my body, and I knew it would color my dreams with her. Of all the things I’d done in my life, creeping into her room was by far the ballsiest. My cock hardened just remembering how she looked when she was asleep. Her large breasts strained against the fabric of her t-shirt and her dark hair streamed next to her on the pillow. She was gorgeous, far more beautiful than I remembered.

I strummed my fingers across my chest. What did I remember? I remembered being a total tool to her. She was right. Everything she felt or thought about me came from experience and I couldn’t blame her for it. But then she’d let me take her somewhere I could tell she’d never been before.

The words from her diary came piling into my mind as I’d lain awake and listened to her get ready for bed.

I had my first time last night with Gill. It was short, but he tried to be sweet about it.

Gill and I had another fight. He wanted to do it again, but I asked him to do what I wanted. Pull my hair. Do it really hard. Make it feel like he was taking something from me. He freaked out.

Gill and I broke up. He said I was sick for wanting what I wanted. He said I’d never find a man who would treat me like that short of bondage freaks.

If I knew where Gill lived, I would have been more than happy to go there and beat him senseless for touching her, for starters. For finishers, I would stomp the shit out of him for making her feel like anything other than the amazing woman she was. But who was I to do any of that? I had no doubt I’d made Anna feel worse about herself than Gill ever could.

I turned over on my side and stared out the window at the falling snow and the all-encompassing darkness. I closed my eyes, her beautiful body imprinted on the insides of my eyelids. I couldn’t erase the past, but I could make it up to her in the present.


I’d slept better than I had in months. I dressed and went down to breakfast.

I took a deep breath and went into the kitchen. I didn’t know what to expect. My palms were damp and I wished I’d checked to see if Annalise was still in her room. Her door was closed, though, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be welcome.

Howie sat in the doorway, blocking my path and demanding attention. I had to give it to him. He was a great dog – smart and loyal. I scratched his head and let him give me a few good licks on the cheek. Once satisfied, he trotted into the kitchen to look for any surprise human food that may have been dropped.

I followed to find Ellen, Dad, and Annalise all talking and laughing as Annalise tried to make pancakes. I winced at her technique. The finished product would definitely be crunchy given the amount of egg shell she was dripping into the batter.

When she noticed me, she looked up and pink spread along her cheeks. She looked like a winter wet dream. Long dark hair free down her back and her body encased in warm, white layers—form-fitting pants with a fleece top and a turtleneck beneath it. I was glad she thought to hide the marks on her neck. It might be difficult to explain to our parents how she managed to get a set of love bites overnight.

My heart sped up and banged against my ribs as she smiled at me. It was somehow shy despite what we’d shared the night before. Beautiful beyond belief, all the same.

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