Alien General's Bride (Brion Brides)(125)

By: Vi Voxley

“Where do you want to go then?”

“Can we finally go to Rhea, like you promised?” Isolde asked. It was a real question, since while the Galactic union     had agreed to let the Brions once again take their part of Rhea’s vast resources, it still might not have been the best idea to have Diego Grothan turn up.

“We can go,” Diego promised her.

“Mm,” Isolde said, completely and utterly at peace with the world in that moment, held close by Diego’s strong arms, feeling safe and loved. “I want to walk under those trees again.”

“You are mine and mine alone,” her general said. “It will be if that is your wish.”

“It is,” Isolde said, thinking on it for a moment. “It really is. I feel like I need to truly finish the trip I started.”

At Diego’s command, the Triumphant broke away from Briolina’s orbit and Isolde Fenner was on her way to Rhea once again.

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Yes, she’d guessed. Known, even. All through her daydreaming haze, she’d actually already known, but her mind was apparently quite good at protecting her.

She nodded, finding no words to do her feelings justice. She had never been that scared in her life.

“Will you come with me to the Unbroken?” Faren asked.

At least in this, she knew what she had to do.

“No,” she said, her beautiful, trained voice shaking again despite herself.

She would have no escape from this, not truly, but at least she could delay it. Could delay being the gesha of this monster before him, as dreamy as his eyes might have been. A chance to gather her thoughts, at least –

“I’m afraid I wasn’t really asking,” Faren said.


“But…” Leiya began, but then she remembered that people didn’t really argue with Faren.

The general was waiting for her to continue, but words simply refused to leave her lips before him, it seemed.

“It is not safe for you here,” said the man she’d heard ripped the still-beating hearts out of his enemies’ chests.

He held out his hand for her and she hesitated. Not for a second did she doubt that he could read her every emotion straight from her pulse. Apparently, she hesitated for a moment too long. The next thing she knew, she was staring down at the ground with her hands kicking at Faren’s rock hard back.

“Oh my… Faren! Put me down!” she protested at the top of her mighty lungs.

But the general clearly had no intention of listening to her. With her over his shoulder, Faren moved just as easily as he had when he first approached and if Leiya hadn’t been so steaming mad at him, she might have even seen the poetry in it all. A determined lover, a reluctant maiden, brought together despite misunderstandings and uncertainty…

But screw that. He was carrying her off into gods know where and she doubted that was the end of it.

At least he couldn’t read her mind. Usually it was filled with new ideas, and melodies, and dreams. At that moment there was only one thought bubbling under the current of surprise and irritation at her apparent lack of clarity with the Monster of Briolina. Only one thing she knew for certain.

She’d absolutely won the opposite game.

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