Alien General's Bride (Brion Brides)(4)

By: Vi Voxley

“I have to speak to my commanding officer,” the Brion said.

Agent Perkins assented. As the Brion walked away, practically fuming, Isolde searched desperately for words to halt what most assuredly was a precedent. She vocalized only some of her concerns.

“Agent Perkins, I really appreciate what you’re trying to do for me, but is there no other way? I mean… a Brion ship? Is there no other ship I could take? I mean… they don’t allow other races aboard their vessels. And a military ship? They will never agree.”

The agent nodded slowly.

“It is true that the Brions have some very strict rules about their ships, but they will have to cope. As I said to him, I am sure you understood, this would be a good way to show the GU they are prepared to meet the rest of the galaxy halfway. I am not asking them to do something unthinkable. You are one person, on one ship. They would have to make a small detour, yes, but as much as we have gathered, Brion spacecraft are highly advanced and it...”

A hysterical laughter was bubbling to the surface in Isolde.

“You are negotiating to have me inconvenience a Brion military vessel. Can’t you just, I dunno, shoot me right now?”

Agent Perkins smiled, but it seemed to Isolde to be a hopeful, not confident smile. He noticed color draining from Isolde’s face and was quick to try to calm her, “I would not send you with them if I were not confident they would treat you well. They understand their position in the GU balances on the tolerance of others, and I do not believe, excuse me, they would find you so unbearable as to ruin years of work to get into the union    .”

Isolde was still pouting.

“Yes, I’m sure they’re great big pussycats, but why them?”

Agent Perkins shifted uneasily.

“This is… not exactly public knowledge, but some of the systems on the way are not entirely peaceful right now. Travel without a military escort is… unwise there. A Brion warship will not be challenged.”

Now Isolde truly burst out laughing, earning a weird look from the agent.

“Lovely,” she said bitterly when she was done. “What about the ship I was supposed to be on? I didn’t see any big guns on that.”

“It had a Palian-Sutherial support flotilla waiting en route.”

Isolde gave up. “Have it your way. I don’t believe they would agree, so it’s a moot point.”

She was about to ask why the Palians were so interested in a very faraway planet like Rhea, when the Brion from before returned with an even bigger, more handsome Brion warrior. This new one, as tall as the other, gave off such a vibe of confidence and power that Isolde nearly stood to attention. Some parts of her certainly volunteered for duty. Under him. Preferably.

She was certainly beginning to understand why the images of Brion men published on Terra were censored. There would be swarms of girls and women (and possibly men as well) forgetting all about the “unfortunate bloody clashes” and going all “but they just need to be loved”. She had protested the issue of censorship on Terra on the grounds that it was offensive to assume that seeing a gorgeous man would make the girls go ga-ga. Yet now she wondered if perhaps the higher-ups hadn’t known better, because she certainly hadn’t seen anyone like the Brion standing before them now. Her body had forgotten all the things people learned when they were about two months old, and she discovered herself drooling a little. She shut her mouth quickly and sent an evil glare to agent Perkins, who was – she was sure – grinning a bit.

It went pretty much the same way as before. Only the walking, talking image of a guy who had surely eaten all of his porridge and broccoli when he was a boy had more of those shiny Brion squares on his neck. Staring – at the squares, of course, not the way his long brown hair fell over his chest shamelessly flattered by the tight uniform he wore – Isolde found herself intrigued by the horrible things. Sure, they looked pretty: bright, white crystals starting just below the ears and travelling down. Blood diamonds, in truth, bought with the lives of the enemies he’d vanquished.

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