Alien General's Bride (Brion Brides)(7)

By: Vi Voxley

So while a part of her was too afraid to even look away, another part wanted to know more about the commander. Like how his hands would feel around her waist, and if he was as strong as they said, whether he could pick her up and slam her against the wall of...

A voice like thunder spoke over the rushing in her ears. “Are you the one that summoned me here?”

Agent Perkins made several attempts to form words. The first two were “gaak” and “hghfrm”, which to Isolde’s knowledge as a linguist, didn’t translate to anything in any of the languages she knew. He finally managed a quiet, “Yes.”

Isolde tried to ignore the warmth between her legs, because the commander’s low, thundery voice was doing things to her. Very good things, but she needed her wits about her. She wanted to live, and no alien warlord was going to catch her off guard, even if he had the eyes of a god under those dark, careless strands of hair and... Isolde bit her lip. There. Better.

“And you, little Palian, want me to take a human aboard my ship and take them to Rhea?” the commander was asking with deadly calm. People whose names were dipped in blood rarely needed to raise their voices, after all.

Agent Perkins struggled for words again. “I was going to make that request, yes, Commander. Before I knew it was you I was asking this from. I did not mean offense. It is just that the mission to Rhea is important...”

“I am aware,” the commander cut him through. “However, I am not a transport ship, and I do not appreciate being summoned like a common greton.” Isolde didn’t know the last word, but she figured it couldn’t have been anything good. “I took the time to come here and tell you no in person and ask if you would like to repay this trouble with your blood or your head. I will accept either.”

Isolde found her mouth speaking before her brain caught up. Bad idea, very bad.

“Please, Commander Grothan, don’t kill him. This is my fault, I missed my ship and he was just trying to help...”

Oh snap. Oh snappity snap. Now she was under the very direct attention of the man who had just casually referred to someone dying as easily as if he’d asked if they’d like to pay by cash or credit.

Fierce, impossibly blue eyes bore into her. She stood there, shivering without reason, or at least without a good reason. She felt like his gaze was stripping her. Not just the clothes from her body, but stripping her bare with all parts of her cast aside until he came to her soul.

The silence lingered for so long even the other Brions started shifting uncomfortably. Isolde prepared to die. This was just very much like her, to die over a mishap; she really had this one coming, didn’t she...

“Very well,” the commander said at last.

Isolde stared. Agent Perkins stared. The Brions, for all it mattered, stared as well. Even the people around them who had been peeking from behind consoles and decorative plants when the Brion general showed up, were staring in mute shock.

Agent Perkins cleared his throat, an admirable feat from a dead man walking. “If I may, very well what, Commander Grothan?”

The Brions took a miniature step back as their general sent agent Perkins a glare that made him recoil. It didn’t seem like Grothan was used to being questioned, or repeating himself.

“Very well, she can come. And you can keep your life for now. I will forgive your slight this time.”

He then turned on his heel and, with nothing else to say or discuss, walked away without another word. The other Brions stayed, looking like the sky had fallen on their heads but somehow they were still alive.

Agent Perkins, also still alive, shook himself out of his daze.

“Well, er… Miss Fenner. You will be accompanied to Rhea by the Triumphant. I believe it goes without saying that you do not need fear someone attacking your ship.”

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