Alien General's Bride (Brion Brides)(8)

By: Vi Voxley

Isolde took her turn to glare. “And what about someone on the ship? You can’t send me with them!”

Haha. Well done, Isolde. Missing a flight – classic you. Hitching a ride with galactic brutes – even more so. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

“I... really doubt the Commander wishes to discuss this further,” agent Perkins said.

“But I...” Isolde began. Of all the questions desperately searching for answers, one seemed most urgent. “Why?”

Agent Perkins tried to smile for her sake. “I don’t know, Miss Fenner. Perhaps he realized this would be a good way to show the GU that the Brions can work with others.”

“That wasn’t it,” Isolde protested. “Why would he be staring at me like... that then? I think he wants something from me.”

“Yes,” agent Perkins agreed. He sighed and went on, “I am sorry, Miss Fenner. I do not know what changed his mind about you or about me. Although I am grateful, believe me. I do not believe he would hurt you. I will notify my ambassador of this arrangement and trust me, if you do not show up on Rhea, there will be trouble at the council.”

“So very comforting for me,” Isolde said.

“I suppose not,” the agent said, turning to leave. “Farewell, Miss Fenner. Trust that everything will be alright. I wish you luck on Rhea. The galaxy expects much from the planet. I hope you and your team can help us incorporate it into the union     as quickly as possible…”

With that, he left. The Brions had collected themselves and motioned for her to follow. Like in a daze, Isolde went with them. She felt as if people were unfair when they overused the expression “You wouldn’t believe the kind of day I’m having”. She really thought that was a perfect moment to say something along those lines, but there was no one to complain to. So she sent another imaginary letter to her professor:

Dear Professor,

I hope you are well and busy. I myself have hitched a ride with the Brion military and am about to either be a part of an intergalactically important research team – once again, thanks for mentioning this – or an intergalactically important corpse.

Your ever-unlucky student,


She had just signed her ponderings when the Brions took her to a hangar so large she struggled to see where it ended. Almost all of it was filled with a huge and sharp-looking cruiser. That had to be the Forger. And if that was the Forger, what would the ship that housed this one look like?

You are so in trouble, Isolde thought.



Actually the Triumphant looked pretty much like the Forger, only much, much bigger.

That did the ship no justice. They had to go past Mars to find the huge vessel patiently waiting for its master in the space between the red planet and Jupiter. There, it slowly turned and by the time they came up close Isolde could barely see a fraction of the ship’s real size even when she was looking straight at it.

It was so surreal she nearly forgot she was in space. With aliens. Alien warlords, to be precise, who now had to take her to an apparently very important planet. Isolde, who hadn’t even been on all the continents on Terra, suddenly felt very out of her depth.

At least so far, the Brions had left her alone. She knew the commander must have been on the Forger with them, but she had seen none of him and only one of the Brions had remained at her side to, in all likelihood, keep her from wandering around. He didn’t say much, answering and directing her with as many words as one might use to guide a dog.

Isolde stood by the huge screen that made up one whole wall of the room she was in and watched her home world disappearing from an angle she had never even dreamed of seeing it from before the mission to Rhea was announced. The screen was merely a projection, of course, not a real window, which would have been impractical. She also had to admire whatever it was that maintained the artificial gravity and kept the pressure inside the ship at a constant while the Forger sped past impossible distances like a race car.

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