Alien General's Bride (Brion Brides)(9)

By: Vi Voxley

Her expertise being culture and languages, she put it all the in category of tech magic.

She tried to keep her mind occupied with real, important issues. Like if the Brions would try to take revenge on her for making them play taxi to her. Would agent Perkins be alright? Or would he find a Brion under his bed later with a whispered “Commander Grothan sends his regards” as the last thing he’d ever hear? Probably not, of course, since if there was one thing you could trust a Brion to do, it was to settle his own disputes. The general would never actually send someone else to pay back for a slight towards him. But would he find the agent himself one day? Also, what was up with Rhea? Agent Perkins had made her think her mission there hadn’t been even close to a routine operation. If it was that important, why had they chosen her? Isolde was good at what she did, but surely there were others better suited? Her theory that Rhea was a small task Terra was making a big deal of was going up in smoke. This was a messed up situation she was in, for sure.

All that was what she should have theoretically been thinking about.

What her mind actually returned to was the commander. Grothan had done something to her. At least she dearly wished he had, because otherwise she was no better than any other love-struck fool and had fallen for the first alien hunk she met. Alright, the third, but still.

Yet, yet… the way he had looked at her made Isolde desperately long for him, or she could settle for a room with privacy and maybe a poster? A picture, even? A vid would be lovely, thank you.

University life didn’t serve dating possibilities on a platter, after all. And while Isolde knew there were plenty of guys who liked curvier girls like her, she didn’t exactly want to be someone’s fetish. Like, it was okay for a guy to like her, but not in the way of “Oh yeah, I always go for girls like you”. Girls like you. Curvy girls, not to say fatties. So after some real dates and some blind dates gone badly, she had sort of pushed the whole man-issue aside and focused on other things. It didn’t help she knew she had been named after a famous beauty. At least they hadn’t called her Helen.

But now… Grothan had brought back every fantasy she had ever had. All the time spent alone – it almost hurt between her legs as she thought of the commander. She was in space, but all she could think of was what that incredibly low voice would sound like in passion, if it would break when he whispered her name, his big frame heavy and strong and lean against hers and if she could hear his heart beat faster and faster as he sped up…

“Isolde Fenner,” the incredibly low voice said from behind her.

She later found it amusing that the first thought that flew through her head was, Oh gods almighty, don’t be a telepath.

Banishing the delicious images from her head, Isolde turned and found the object of her fantasies standing much closer than she had thought. The other Brion was gone. Er… um.

“Yes?” she said, cursing her voice for shaking a little.

Grothan cocked his head to one side, reminding Isolde of a predator scouting his surroundings.

“I hear fear,” the warrior said, taking a step back. Aww, Isolde’s treacherous libido purred. “You need not fear me, Isolde Fenner. I will not hurt you. None of my warriors will hurt you.”

Oh. That was a load off her mind. The Brions were known for their honor, so she could trust him to keep his word.

“Thank you,” she said. “I really am sorry for all this; I didn’t want to… to make trouble.”

He didn’t try to assure her it was no trouble at all. Instead, his posture stiffened and he seemed to listen again. Only Isolde hadn’t said anything this time.

“Your heart beats fast and your body temperature seems high for a human,” the commander said then, making Isolde’s heart beat even faster. Oh good grief, unfair! Stop listening to my bodily functions! “My experience with humans shows these are signs of illness. Do you require a healer, Isolde Fenner?”

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