Alone For Christmas(46)

By: Ashley John

“No, don’t,” Chase interrupted. “She works here. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll have to let her go, and her yoga class is one of the few full classes we have.”

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had something to tell me,” joked Danny, with an air of sarcasm. “Are you batting for the other team and not telling me, bro?”

Chase laughed off the suggestion, but he didn’t reply. He didn’t feel like he could lie to his brother’s face, especially when the question had been made in good humour. He still hadn’t figured out a way to tell his brother that he spent most Friday nights on Canal Street in Manchester’s gay village, picking up guys.

“You’re funny,” said Chase, trying not to sound awkward. “I’m hitting the showers. I can smell myself.”

“I didn’t want to mention it.” Danny held up his hands and winked. “You stink, mate. Before you go, the tickets for the Annual Trainer’s Weekend showed up this morning. I’m gonna have to back out, bro.”

“Oh, why?” Chase took the envelope out of his brother’s hands and peeked inside at the two tickets. “We had such a good time last year.”

“I know, but Natalie has this TV thing in Germany, and I promised I’d go with her. You can still go. The cover staff for that weekend is still booked.”

Chase considered it for a moment before folding the envelope and stuffing it in his pocket. They had bought the tickets at last year’s event because it had been so much fun. It was supposed to be a convention for personal trainers and fitness professionals to see new products and learn new programs, but it ended up being a weekend in a large country house with a free bar and more alcohol than Chase could remember. It wouldn’t be as fun alone.

Chase left his brother at the counter and stripped off in the small changing room. He usually went into a cubicle, but he was the only man in the gym, so he enjoyed being able to let everything hang free. He yanked off his socks, tossed his clean towel over his shoulder and walked into the cold, communal shower block.

The chill in the air made his nipples stand to attention. He brushed his fingers over them, remembering the young guy he had fucked on Friday night. He twisted the bulky tap, and hot water spat out of the showerhead, relaxing his tense muscles.

He knew he wasn’t technically lying to his brother. He did still see himself settling down with a woman one day; he just enjoyed fucking men too. He didn’t know if that made him bisexual, or just curious, but the two things felt very separate. When he imagined his future, he knew his brother was right. Dylan was only six-years-old, and he was starting to notice that he didn’t have a mummy like the rest of the kids in his class at school. Chase didn’t know how long he could put off telling his son that his mother had been more interested in party drugs than her own newborn baby.

Running the bar of soap over his solid abs, he let his hand wander to his manhood. When the hard, foamy bar hit his shaft, it reacted instantly. Glancing over his shoulder, he made sure that the changing room was still empty before he started to work his shaft.

The hot water ran down his body as he panted through his rhythms, giving himself his second workout of the day. When he could feel the blissful release edging closer, he thought back to the lay from two days ago. He came in seconds, and before it had even been washed away by the water, he was back to cleaning his body, as though nothing had happened…

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