Ashton - The Agreement

By: Jade Sinner

(The Cocky Smiling O Stories Book 2)

A Cocky Smiling O Story


"You're such an ass," Jess blurts out. Her tone sounds angry, but her volume is still low.

I shrug with a smirk as I heave my backpack higher on my shoulder. As we step through the front doors of our high school, the onslaught of the warm Missouri sun causes me to squint my eyes. For a few steps I think about how to answer her, what to say. If she were a guy I'd have the perfect response. I'd say that I wasn't the ass, but Maura Sharpe had a fine ass and I'd fucked that too.

But Jess isn't a guy, and even though she's my best friend, I'm confident she doesn't want that much detail. I can see her in my imagination scrunching her cute little nose and after hitting me halfheartedly saying, 'Gross, TMI!'

Trying to avoid her manhandling—something I wouldn't take from anyone else—I start to reply when she purposely bumps her shoulder against mine, her tiny frame filled with enough hostility to almost bounce me from the sidewalk. I grin. So much for my attempt to avoid her physical aggression.

Catching my balance as car after car peels past, determined to leave the parking lot before the line begins to form at the stoplight, I stare down at her and with a gleam in my eyes, ask, "Are you trying kill me?"

Jess shakes her head. "Maura? Maura?" Each time she asks, echoing the name belonging to her friend and my latest fuck, her voice gets louder and the name more exaggerated.

I hit the unlock on my truck as Jess goes around to the passenger side.

Once we're both inside, I start the truck and immediately roll down the windows. Missouri weather has serious multiple-personality issues—freezing one day, sweltering the next. It’s like it has as much trouble as I do deciding what it wants.

Jess lifts her long blonde hair and directs the air conditioning vent in her direction.

"What do you want me to say?" I finally ask as I back out of the space, barely missing two girls walking with their heads together, too lost in their conversation to realize they're about to become road kill.

As my bumper moves in their direction, one of them turns toward me, but as soon as she recognizes my truck, her anger turns to a smile and her eyes search for mine in the side mirror.

"Hi Ashton," she calls with the telltale flick of her neck and a finger wave. "Call me."

I wave at the same time I see Jess's head shake in my peripheral vision. As I ease the truck into the line of traffic, I say a silent prayer that the girl won't try to come up to my open window.

Jess cranes her neck over her shoulder. "Isn't she a freshman?"

"Is she?"

"Jeeze, Ash. You really are a manwhore. You know that?"

I lift my brows. "No, Jess, I'm not a whore. Whores get paid. I willingly share my talents with those in need. I think that's called a humanitarian."

We finally make our way out of the parking lot and onto the side streets and with a little acceleration comes a nice breeze to cool the cab. Admittedly, it works better than my AC. But one day I won't be driving a beat-up old truck. One day, I'll have a car to go along with my body and personality.

"Maura's my friend," Jess says.

"Maura's a big girl. She knew what she was doing. Actually, she knew—"

Jess lifts her hand. "Stop. You know our deal. No details. I don't want to know about the little freshman or Maura."

"Well, let me just say that Maura is much more experienced."

"Noted. But you know she just broke up with Matt. The last thing she needs is you using her for a one-night stand."

I reach over and squeeze Jess's leg. "You know me. I don't use girls. They come to me."

"Because you're so freaking fantastic in the sack?"

My cheek rises, creating my signature cocky, lopsided grin. "That is the word on the street."

She sighs and lays her head against the seat. "Is that all you want?"

I look over at my best friend. There's something about Jess that makes her different than every other girl I've ever known. Maybe it's that we've known each other since we were kids. Maybe it's that we know everything about one another. Maybe it's that we swore never to lie to one other, and we haven't. I'm not sure of the reason, but for the first time since I was balls deep in Maura Sharpe, I feel a little bad about it.

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