Aspen & Adonis:An Urban Love Tale

By: Jerniqua K




Don’t be pissed off at me. Rico hit me up, so I had to head to the studio so I can wrap up this project we’ve been working on. I got you something to eat. It's in the microwave. Oh yeah...I took your truck so I could get it cleaned. The keys to the Benz is next to your purse. Go home, get yourself situated, and find something sexy to wear.

Love, Omere

Aspen sat in the king sized bed of her hotel suite smiling to herself. Even though she was upset that he wasn’t by her side after the amazing night the two of them shared, she couldn’t help but be pleased with her man. Lately, Omere had been outdoing himself with all of the surprises he had been giving her, and there was no way she would lie and say she wasn’t enjoying them; but at the same, she couldn’t ignore the strange feeling that seemed to suddenly wash over her. Not wanting to think negatively, she pushed any thoughts of Omere doing her wrong to the side. Hell, he’d just become one of the hottest producers in Michigan almost overnight, and she’d been with him every step of the way. Could she honestly blame him for wanting to spoil her when they both came from nothing?

Shaking her head, she climbed out of the big comfortable bed before stretching her limbs. After finishing her daily stretching, she quickly jumped in the shower and got dressed so that she could get her day started. Omere had told her to dress sexy, so she figured he had to be taking her somewhere. With him, anything was possible. After throwing on the dark blue skinny jeans and pink sweater since she didn’t bring anything to do her hair with, she pulled it into a messy bun, applied lip gloss and slid her feet into a pair of pink Uggs. Once she made sure she had everything she and Omere brought with them, she grabbed her food from the microwave and exited the suite. After making it to the car, she put everything in the trunk of the Benz and climbed inside. She had a good 45-minute ride back to her house, so she hooked her phone up to the Bluetooth in the car and it wasn’t long before the sounds of ‘Say It’ by Tory Lanez filled the car. Grinding to the beat in her seat, she pulled out of the parking lot and started her journey home.

It wasn’t long before her mind began to drift. A smile soon crept on her face as she thought about her life with Omere. She honestly loved everything about him. He was so laid back and really didn’t give a fuck about what anyone thought of him. As long as Aspen wanted for nothing and his music continued to be dope, he was straight. From the start, Omere had loved her flaws, and that was one of the many reasons she had fallen so deeply in love with him.

When she pulled into the driveway of the house she and Omere shared, she turned the car off and sat staring at her beautiful 2-story home. What did I do to deserve this? she thought to herself. She’d gone from an aspiring model with an efficiency apartment in Buss projects to being the girlfriend of one of the hottest up and coming producers in the US in just a matter of months. Not to mention, she had her first professional modeling gig coming up in a few short months. She was truly living the life that most women only dreamed about.

Slowly, she opened the car door and stepped out. She didn’t feel like getting her things out of the car just yet, so she made her way to the door, slipped the key in the lock, and made her way inside. After kicking off her shoes, she went upstairs and headed to her bedroom. Instantly, she was greeted by a red rose and a red envelope on her side of the bed. She wasted no time scooping both off the bed and ripping open the envelope.

Hey baby,

It’s me again. How do you like the rose? Anyway, I should be home at around 6. In the closet there should be a red box. Fix yourself up tonight and be ready when I get there. Even though I still have to come home and get myself fly and shit, I want yo’ ass to be ready because you take forever! Love you baby.

See you at 6, Omere

With another huge smile on her face, she went into her oversized walk-in closet and saw a long red box with a black bow on it. After opening it, she was in awe of what she saw. She quickly pulled out the beautiful dress. It was white with a low dip in the back that stopped right above her ass. After laying the dress on the bed, she went back into her closet in search of the perfect pair of shoes to go with it. Unable to find them, she grabbed her purse and ran back down the stairs. After sliding her shoes back on, she rushed out the door.

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