At Her Husband's Command(10)

By: Lily Harlem

“Yes, Sir.” She had her hands in her lap and dropped her gaze to look at them. “Of course, Sir. Whatever you wish, Sir.”

“Bend over the table.” Rupert stood and held the back of her chair.

As Lottie got to her feet, he moved the chair to one side, well out of the way.

Melody watched on, excitement running through her at the prospect of seeing the board in action. It was however tinged with a little jealousy that she wasn’t going to be the guinea pig, and that Lottie had stolen the leading role.

Kyle also stood, wooden board still in his hand. “May I?”

“Of course,” Rupert said.

Kyle set his hand in the centre of Lottie’s back and pushed her so her body was flat on the table.

She folded her arms and pressed her brow to them, as though staring at the table’s surface.

Rupert pulled up the base of her white dress, exposing the orbs of her buttocks. It seemed she, like all the subs in the room, had not been permitted to use underwear.

From where Melody sat she could see Lottie’s buttocks were already pink, the lingering heat of her earlier spanking still evident. She glanced at Ivor; he too was looking at Lottie’s delicate arse.

A fizz of jealousy went through her and she hoped she’d hidden it in her expression.

“She does exasperate me when she can’t decide what to wear for an evening out like this.” Rupert rubbed Lottie’s flushed skin. “So she was punished and I took the decision out of her hands and laid out this outfit.”

“A very wise course of action,” Ivor said, looking at Melody. A twitch of a smile tugged at his lips. “My sub also can’t decide what to wear on occasion so I, too, take the matter from her hands.”

Kyle gave the breadboard a practice swing.

“I think this will be a punishment my sub will enjoy,” Rupert said, eyeing the board. “And maybe next time there will be no need for a fuss about clothing or making us nearly late for our dinner engagement.”

“I can see why you’re thinking that way,” Kyle said, still swiping the board through the air.

“Yes. So feel free to try it on her whenever you’re ready.”

Chapter Four

“Do you mind,” Ivor said suddenly, “if my sub and I leave you to your fun for a little while? I have something I simply must attend to.”

“Not at all,” Kyle said, his attention fixed on Lottie’s exposed arse. “We’ll amuse ourselves for as long as you need.”

“That’s what I thought.” Ivor reached for Melody’s hand and tugged her to standing. He was a little rough, and his movements held an urgency to them.

She knew better than to quiz her master, but a hundred questions were swarming in her mind. Was he going to tease them both again? Had he hit the limit of his sexual frustration? Maybe he’d guessed the jealous flash of emotion that had streaked through her. Or perhaps she’d displeased him by squirming, and now she was going to bear the brunt of his sadistic streak, the one that liked to tie her up in their playroom and streak her butt with the sharp lines of his cane?

She glanced at Tia, who was also sat with her hands in her lap and her head slightly bowed. But her gaze was fixed on the wooden paddle her dom was now wielding over Lottie.

“This way,” Ivor said, wrapping his arm around Melody’s waist and all but dragging her from the room.

“Is everything okay, Sir?”

“It will be.”

“Have I displeased you?”

“Only by being so damn sexy that I’ve had to change my plans for the evening.”

So it’s not the jealousy thing again. I hid it well. Thank goodness.

“I’m sorry for being so sexy, Sir.” She wasn’t sorry in the least. She loved that he found her irresistible, that he couldn’t contain his longing for her. And to leave their guests so they could… that was unheard of and a new thrill.

As they headed up the stairs, Melody heard a resounding smack—the sound of wood connecting hard and fast with flesh.

She held in a groan, remembering how it felt when Ivor had paddled her earlier.

So damn sore and so damn good.

“They don’t need us to have a great time,” Ivor said, not pausing. “And I’m sure the evening has only just begun.”

“Yes, Sir.” She turned at the top of the stairs toward their bedroom.

“Yes,” he said. “In there. I wouldn’t take a virgin to the playroom.”

“Of course, Sir.”

Once in the bedroom, he stepped away from her.

Melody stood, as he’d expect her to, with her hands behind her back, breasts jutting forward, her hard nipples poking her sheer top, and her feet hip width apart.

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