At Her Husband's Command(4)

By: Lily Harlem

“Yes, Sir.”

“How did you like it?”

“I liked it very much.” She smiled.

His eyes softened, small creases darting from the sides.

As always she was bowled over by how handsome he was when he smiled that way. His whole face mellowed and a calmness came over his usual busy, controlling demeanour.

God, she loved him.

“I’m glad; the uniform redness it produced on your skin was very pleasing to me.”

She nodded.

“I might demonstrate it later, when our friends are here. Would you be okay with that?”

She pulled in a breath. Him asking her like this was special but not unusual when it came to engaging in kink with other couples. It was important to be on the same page when sharing an evening.

“That would be fine,” she said. “I think they’d like it. Kyle especially has a fondness for using household implements for spanking.”

His eyebrows raised as though surprised.

“He said so, when we visited them a few months ago,” Melody added quickly.

“You remember that?”

“Yes, I try to remember everything you and other doms say. It’s in my best interest.”

He nodded and turned back to the crab cakes he was preparing. “Very wise.”

Chapter Two

Dusk settled over the cottage. Melody tucked the chickens into their coop, fed Nell a bucket of pony nuts, and checked the pigs had water. Later her two sows would get any leftovers and slops from the dinner party.

As she walked back to the house, the birds singing their final goodnights before roosting, she wondered what Ivor would have set out for her to wear. It would be a dress or skirt. Trousers were not part of her wardrobe as he required easy access to her at all times.

They’d been to York a few weeks ago and he’d purchased two new skin-tight club dresses, one black and one pale blue, plus a floaty white skirt that to her seemed rather virginal and a little prim, but he’d been adamant.

Stepping into the warmth of the kitchen, the scents of their beef dinner made her stomach rumble. It had been a busy day preparing to host a gathering of their fellow club members, plus with all the animals and then a bit of fun over the table. She was not only hungry but a little tired too.

“Here,” Ivor said, handing her a flute of sparkling wine. “Sip this as you get changed.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek and ran his hand over her tender arse. “And make sure you don’t apply too much makeup.”

“Yes, Sir.” That was an unusual request. He usually approved of her wearing lots of sultry kohl around her eyes and vampish scarlet lipstick.

Their bedroom was low ceilinged with thick beams, befitting for the farmhouse, and had flowery wallpaper and a duvet cover. She loved it very much and had ordered the bespoke pine dressing table with great care from a local carpenter.

That wasn’t to say she didn’t enjoy the room next door with its black velvet wallpaper, plush carpet, leather spanking bench, and other implements that helped them create scenes. But this room where they slept was more restful, whereas next door was all about pain and pleasure.

The tiny bubbles in her drink popped on her tongue as she took a big sip. Laid out on the bed was the new white cotton skirt. Ivor had teamed it with a small silky white vest top and set a single string of pale pink beads on the top of it.

Definitely different.

No PVC or skin-tight Lycra in sight.

After setting the drink aside, she picked up the skirt. It was light and pretty, not kinkster at all. More the sort of thing a girl walking hand in hand with a lover on the beach would wear.

Is this a new interest of his?

Was the sexy, bound sub no longer capturing his attention? Did the thought of a pretty young virgin get him hard?

Well, virgin she was not, in any shape or form. But that wasn’t to say she couldn’t play the role if he wanted her to.

She stripped off the clothes she’d worn all day, then showered. Her soap was lemon scented and her shampoo smelt of coconut.

After she’d dried she used body lotion that made her skin silky smooth, being careful to apply plenty to her sore arse. Then, as instructed, she put on the outfit Ivor had left for her.

There was no denying its lightness felt nice, and once she’d brushed her hair and applied the barest hint of makeup, she did have a certain youthfulness to her look. Well, she was only thirty-two, which meant she wasn’t that old.

“Melody, are you done yet?” Ivor called up the stairs.

“Yes, just coming.”

“Good, can you prepare the playroom, it will likely get used.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Quickly she did as instructed, a tremble of excitement rushing through her. When they’d had Tia and Kyle visit a few months ago, things had really heated up in the playroom. Both she and Tia had been spanked and flogged by each man before performing oral sex on their partners as a show for the other couple to watch. By the end of it everyone seemed to be coming on everyone, skin was marked, and their cries of delight mingled. Melody hadn’t been able to decide if she’d enjoyed being watched or watching the most. Both had been hot and she hoped that Kyle and Tia would be up for some kinky fun in this room later on.

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