At Her Husband's Command(5)

By: Lily Harlem

As she came down the staircase, the doorbell chimed.

Ivor stepped from the kitchen, checked his black shirt was smooth and his belt buckle straight, then smiled at her. “You look stunning.”

“Thank you.”

“You should wear white more often.”

“Do you like it?”

“A lot; it makes you look the way you did on our wedding night.”

Melody giggled. “That was a long time ago.”

“Which is why it’s nice to be reminded.” He set a firm kiss over her lips. “Come on, we should let our guests in.”

Melody nodded, then admired his arse, now encased in smart black trousers, as he opened the front door.

A bustle of activity ensued as Kyle and Tia came into the hallway, the flowery scents of the outside swirling in with them.

Melody took their coats and hung them on the stand next to the grandfather clock, and allowed her cheek to be kissed. She graciously accepted the nice bottle of port Kyle handed her and complimented Tia on the skin-tight red dress she wore with a silver zip up the front.

“And this is Rupert and Lottie Madison,” Kyle said, stretching out his hand to let the new couple greet Melody. “They moved to the village of Deacon six months ago and have been searching for a group like ours ever since.”

“Very pleased to meet you,” Melody said, holding out her hand to Rupert.

He took it and kissed her knuckles. His hold was firm and his gaze was stuck on hers.

It didn’t unnerve her; it was the way of doms and he most certainly oozed dominance. He was tall with slick black hair, clean-shaven, and had a slightly over large nose, which he carried off well as it complimented his other strong features and broad jawline. He was dressed entirely in black and, like Ivor’s, the silver buckle on his belt had the symbol of the club—a double infinity knot—embossed on to it.

“Not as charmed as I am to meet you,” Rupert said.

His eyes flashed and a tug of desire went through Melody. Rupert was a sexy man, there was no question about that. And the fact he was here meant he was also kinky as fuck. If she was lucky she’d get to find out just how kinky and if she played her cards right, perhaps Sir would allow Rupert to play with her a little.

But not a lot. Ivor never allowed other doms to fuck her. He was the only one who did that. It was the way they operated. It was the way they kept sex between them special—fucking was sacred.

But other stuff…

Rupert released her hand and slipped his arm around his sub, Lottie. She was petite and younger than him, perhaps early twenties. She wore a slip of a dress that was white and had tiny yellow daisies on it, yet around her neck was a thick black collar with a padlock hanging down.

“This is Lottie,” Rupert said. “She’s been very excited about tonight.” He squeezed her tighter. “A bit too excited; she had to be punished earlier.”

A little rise of colour grew on Lottie’s cheeks.

“I hope you have a lovely time with us at Buttercup Farm,” Melody said with a smile. “We’ve been looking forward to meeting you.”

“Thank you,” Lottie said. “And can I just say what an amazing place you have. So grand and so deliciously isolated.”

Melody nodded. “The isolation is why we bought it. No neighbours makes it much easier to live this lifestyle.”

“I couldn’t agree more. It’s one of the reasons we moved out of the city. Our new place in Deacon is a huge improvement on what we had in Chelsea. Now, as long as the windows are shut, we can make as much racket as we want to.”

“And what a difference that makes,” Rupert said, pressing a kiss to her temple. “Especially when you’ve been a bad girl.”

Lottie jumped a little and inhaled.

Melody couldn’t see but she guessed Rupert had nipped her arse, which, knowing she’d been punished earlier, was no doubt still smarting.

Ivor moved past, port in hand, and nodded to the kitchen. “I’ll get drinks organised if you could show our guests into the dining room, Melody.”

“Yes, Sir.” She nodded. “This way, please.”

Kyle and Tia led the way. Rupert and Lottie followed. The candles were lit though the curtains were still open so the flickering flames were reflected in the large window. A low hum of conversation started.

“I love your outfit,” Tia said quietly to Melody.

“A bit different,” Melody said, smoothing her hand over the crisp white cotton.

“Virginal, is that a new kink?”

“If it is, he hasn’t told me, but I’m beginning to wonder.”

At that moment Ivor came into the room carrying two bottles of wine. He set about filling everyone’s glasses and a discussion about the age of the merlot started. It seemed Lottie was quite the wine expert.

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