At Her Husband's Command(9)

By: Lily Harlem

“Oh, okay, Sir.” She set the board down in the centre of the table.

Ivor held her gaze for a moment then took the bowl into the kitchen.

Melody noticed the water jug was empty so followed him, planning on replenishing it.

As she waited for the jug to fill, he came up behind her.

He slotted his hard cock between her buttocks. “I want you so badly.”

“So have me.”

“Not until our wedding night.” He chuckled and set a kiss on her temple.

“Which is when?” She sent a quick prayer heavenward that he wouldn’t say next week.

“In a few hours, when our guests leave or if they decide to go and play together.” He paused. “Heaven help me though, you’re so damn gorgeous.”

She swallowed and her pussy trembled. Would she be able to wait that long? What if they didn’t play and sat around chatting for ages? And why had the breadboard been left on the table? What did he have in mind for that?

“Is it mean to say I want them to go now?” She pressed the crown of her head into the groove of his neck.

“It’s certainly not very hospitable.”


“You’re forgiven.” He reached past her and turned off the tap. The jug was overflowing. “Just make sure you stay wet for me.”

“I am.”

He nuzzled her neck, kissing and licking the sensitive area just behind her ears. “Let me just check.”

Once again he pulled at her skirt, exposing her thighs, then her bare pussy.

Melody didn’t need telling to spread her legs; she did it almost instinctually.

He held her closer, as if making sure she was in no doubt how painfully hard he was.

She writhed against him, then caught her breath as he swiped through her labia. She was slick and damp, her clit trembling with the need for stimulation.

He gently eased one finger into her pussy.

She groaned and tried to seat herself lower onto him but he didn’t allow it. Instead he pressed the heel of his hand to her clit, giving her some of what she needed.

“I remember seeing you, in the church in that white dress,” he murmured. “All our family and friends there, and do you know what I was thinking?”

“What?” She was breathless, her knees shaky. “What were you thinking, Sir?”

“That as soon as I possibly could I was going to sink my cock into my new wife and show her how much I loved her.”

“Yes, you did that.” She nodded. Damn, it was so good when he touched her. It always felt like the first time. She couldn’t imagine not being greedy for more.

“And I will again. Soon.”

He stepped away, his movements abrupt and once more making Melody chilled at the loss of his body heat.

She spun around, holding the dripping jug of water, and her skirt fell into place.

“Come on,” he said, moving a little stiffly toward the door. “We should go to our guests; it’s time for the fun to begin.”

She was about to ask what fun but he’d already left the room.

Returning to the table, she took her place next to Tia. She squirmed on the seat, wishing she could get some kind of satisfaction. Ivor was teasing himself and her and the need had grown inside of her to the point it felt like a heat wave washing over her skin.

“You okay?” Tia asked. “You look a little flushed.”

“I’m fine.” Melody nodded. “Frustrated but fine.”

“Why, what—?”

“I discovered a rather pleasing new implement today,” Ivor said, holding up the breadboard and rubbing the crumbs from it. His commanding tone let every sub in the room know they had to be quiet and give him their full attention.

“Oh?” Kyle said, eyeing the flat wood. “That looks interesting.”

“It is, and will no doubt appeal to you. As Melody reminded me earlier, you have a fondness for using household items when it comes to punishments.”

“I do indeed.” He held out his hand. “May I?”

“Of course.” Ivor handed it to him.

Melody squirmed again on the seat.

She caught Ivor watching her.

She wasn’t sure if he was pleased she was squirming or cross. But she couldn’t help herself. Her arse tingled at the memory of the paddle and her pussy was so wet from arousal she was quite uncomfortable.

Kyle turned the board over a few times, then appeared to test the weight of it. “Nice.” He nodded. “I like it.”

“I think you will,” Ivor said.

“Perhaps we should try it out,” Rupert said. “If that would be agreeable with everyone.”

“I don’t see why not,” Ivor said.

Rupert turned to Lottie. “We want your arse.”

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