Awakening (Willow Creek Vampires Series Book 3)

By: Stephanie Summers

Awakening: A Willow Creek Vampires Novel Book #3


From nothing, a swirling mist of consciousness began to form. The sweet relief of darkness faded, giving way to light. A man—an ancient man with dark curls framing a hardened face. His lips curled into a sinister smile while dark brows drew closer together. A tremendous pressure built in the air, holding him in place, as the man moved closer. The man began to speak, though his words fell on deaf ears. Eyes as dark as coal peered through the abyss revealing… something… a familiar abomination. But who was he and why did he seem so close in the nothingness?

With an icy touch, unfamiliar and unbridled power coursed through Remy’s veins, restoring life as it went. Fangs elongated as hunger, so intense it threatened to uncage the beast buried within, consumed him. The scent of love grew faint as he hungered to taste the sweet blood responsible for the assault on his senses. Heavy lids opened, revealing dark eyes that were once vivid and bright like emeralds.

Awakening, he sprang to his feet, looking around at the crowd of humans. Teeth bared, he was ready to take every last drop of life from them all until he could find the source of the only blood, he knew, would entirely satiate the thirst that felt as if it had been building for centuries. Beating hearts and voices pounded through his ears while silence gave way to sound. Chaos ensued as a crowd full of newly turned humans tried to make sense of the events that had transpired.

Men and women scrambled about. Some of them wailed from utter panic while others barely moved from shock.

Bastian, the former lord of the manor, stood at the center of them with a cold, hardened look about him. Hands grasped at his legs, begging him to fix everything, but he could not, for he was merely human as well.

To his left, the only vampire remaining in the crowd shielded a young woman. Shifter, he quickly decided from the poorly masked scent tangled with magic she emitted.

A few of the humans began to notice Damen—or at least that was what he thought his name was. Damen drew their attention because he wasn’t reacting and still had the brilliant eyes of a vampire. They moved toward him, pleading for him to turn them back into immortal beings. Body stiffening as his eyes narrowed, Damen’s gaze landed on him.

Searching for the source of the feminine scent of love or a glimpse of the one who had left it behind, he scanned the room, but she was nowhere to be found. The noise level rose, making his head throb.


The crowd stilled. He walked swiftly to the center of the room where Bastian stood.

“Remy, my son, please let us sit and discuss this. We need each other now more than ever. Let us put the past behind us.”

Remy, yes, that was his name.

“Your son?” Remy dragged his hand through his hair and stepped closer to Bastian, forcing him to stumble back a step. “Do you not realize what has happened,” he said, his head tilting to the side, “mortal?”

“I know we have all lost our immortality because you foolishly chose to kill Nicas,” Bastian said, never losing his composure.

“Not all of us. Damen is still vampire. I am still vampire. And, you? You are nothing. How does it feel to have your fate in my hands once again? How does it feel to have to obey me if you want to live?”

Bastian’s eyebrows knitted together as he studied Remy’s face. “My son… once again?”

“I am not your son. You should never have summoned me here or allowed this to happen.”

“If I had not summoned you, she would never have existed to you. Is that something you would throw away so easily? I know I would not.”

Remy turned to Damen, motioning him forward. “A king should have a proper seat to sit upon. Go to this old fool’s room and search through his collection of useless garbage until you find something fitting. Then, find her. She must return to me immediately.” What was her name? Ah, yes, they mentioned the name Sabine while babbling on about nothing, just before… That must be her.

Within a few minutes, Damen came back hauling a gaudy chair adorned with golden accents and a black velvet seat. He sat it on the raised platform, and peered at the crowd of quiet humans.

Remy lifted Bastian by the throat. Gasping for air, his legs kicked as he tried to squirm out of Remy’s cold grasp. “I believe a little poetic justice is in order. Take him to the dungeon where he held me.”

Remy tossed Bastian aside like a rag doll and placed himself on the throne.


Sabine Crowley slammed the car into park and exited, making her way quickly through the front door. Heavy breaths echoed through the hallway as she hurried to the ballroom to see what awaited her. The coolness of the marble floors soothed her scratched and dirtied bare feet. The only regret she had from rushing out earlier was that she didn’t stop to put on shoes… Well, that and leaving her beloved’s corpse sprawled out on a cold, marble floor.

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