By: J.L. Perry

“Yeah, a date. I’ll call you, okay?” Brad replies, smiling at her sweetly. Fucker. There’s nothing sweet about him. He’s a fucking snake.

“Okay.” He lets her go and she rises from his lap. Her eyes quickly scan the table before landing on me. The smile drops from her face and her eyes narrow. That makes my lips turn up for some reason. Sure I’d prefer one of the smiles she gave that fucker, but I like that my presence affects her.

“Hi. You must be new here,” I hear her friend ask. Tearing my eyes away from Indiana, I find her friend smiling down at me. She’s even prettier up close, but has nothing on Indiana.

I can feel Indiana’s eyes boring into the side of my head, so I decide to turn on the charm. “Carter,” I say, plastering a huge grin on my face. I extend my hand to her friend and she takes hold.

“I’m Megan,” she giggles, batting her eyelashes at me. That shit pisses me off. I hate it when girls act this way. Like the rest, she’s putty in my hands.

“Let’s go,” Indiana snaps grabbing her elbow and dragging her away. I chuckle. If talking to her friend pisses her off, I may have to do it more often.


“I think I’m in love,” Meg says as I drag her away from that arsehole. He can put on the charm for her. Why didn’t I get that kind of greeting when I met him? God, he gets on my nerves. I hate that seeing the way he was with Meg just now made me jealous.

“You need to stay away from him,” I demand as we weave our way through the other students, making our way towards our table.

“What? Why? Have you heard something about him?” she asks.

“That’s my new neighbour. The one I was telling you about.”

“Shut the fuck up,” she says looking over her shoulder in his direction. “No way. That hottie is your new neighbour? Damn girl, you get all the luck.”

“Don’t let his good looks fool you. That’s all he has going for him,” I say.

“With a face like his that’s all he needs,” she laughs.

“Meg,” I exhale, frustrated. “Please.”

“Okay. Don’t get your panties in a knot. Anyway, I think he has the hots for you.” Her comment makes me laugh. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

“Trust me. He doesn’t have the hots for me. He can’t stand me,” I admit as we take our seats. Maybe I should’ve sat on the other side. I have a clear view of my infuriating neighbour from here. Pulling my lunch out of my bag, I realise I suddenly have no appetite. That smug bastard is eating his food like he doesn’t have a care in the world.

“Oh, I beg to differ. I saw the way he was looking at you when you were on Brad’s lap. If I’m not mistaken, those gorgeous brown eyes of his turned green.”

I ignore her observation. She must be seeing things. I know how a guy acts when he’s interested. Carter’s definitely not interested. “What do you think I should do about Brad?” I ask, trying to change the subject.

“Are you seriously asking me that? He’s been chasing you forever. Go out with him. He’s a babe. Anyone else would kill to be asked out by him.”

“Well I’m not just anyone. I’m not sure if I want to be serious with a guy yet. You know what his reputation is like. He’s going to expect sex.”

“So give it to him. You’re nearly seventeen Indi. You can’t hold onto your virginity forever.” She’s right. I know that, but I don’t want to give it up to just anyone. I was hoping to give it to someone special.

Brad and I have hung out a bit. Mainly in a group. Never on our own. Well, except last weekend when he walked me home from a party. He kissed me goodnight. Technically it was more than a goodnight kiss, but it never went any further.

It’s not like I haven’t made out with guys before. I have. But, now we’re getting older, the guys expect more than kissing. I know I’m ready. I’m just not sure if Brad is the one.

“Stop overthinking this,” she says reaching for my hand when she sees the worried look on my face. “We’ve been over this a thousand times.”

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