By: J.L. Perry

To Soxie: Thank you for the wonderful job you did on making the incredibly hot ‘Bastard’ cover, and for all the other things you do for me on a regular basis. I know we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs with this cover and I’m so grateful you stuck by me throughout it all. You are an amazing person and have an incredible talent.

To Max Henry: Thank you for the wonderful job you do, as always, on the formatting of my books. I love your work. You rock!

To Kelly Donaldson: Thank you for giving me the information I needed for your beautiful hometown of Newcastle. I hope I did it justice.

To Melissa McDonald: Thank you for the most amazing drawing you did of my boy, Carter Reynolds. You brought him to life. There are no words for your incredible talent. You have a special gift, my friend.

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