By: J.L. Perry

That part definitely took me off guard. Sure I’ve met a lot of hot guys before. Nothing that could compare to him though. He towers over my tiny five-foot-one inch frame. His dark hair and eyes suit his equally dark persona. It’s a shame he doesn’t have the personality to accompany his looks. If he did, he’d be perfect.

Unexpectedly, I felt an instant attraction to him. That was until he opened his damn mouth. God I’m so mad right now. How could I let him get under my skin like that? Jackass. I almost feel sorry for him. I did say almost. Crazy I know. I swear I saw something in him. I can’t explain what. It was almost like his bastardry was an act, a front. I could be wrong. Surely no one could be naturally so rude and mean. His mother seems so sweet.

I’m glad my dad isn’t home at the moment. I’d hate to have to explain my sudden bad mood to him. He’d be furious if he knew how Carter just spoke to me.

I make my way towards my bedroom. I need my iPod. Music may be the only thing that can calm me down. At the very least, it can help occupy my mind so I don’t have to think about my new neighbour from hell. I thought Mr. Shepard held that title, but his new stepson has just taken the prize.

After placing my earplugs in my ears I turn the volume up to full. I also grab my iPad off my desk and move to my favourite spot in my room—the window seat my dad built for me. This is my happy place. I sit here for hours some days. Even though my bedroom window is at the side of the house, it’s towards the back, so I get a glimpse of the lake that backs onto our property.

Logging onto my Facebook account, I send a private message to my bestie, Meg. If anyone can cheer me up, it’s her.

Me: You around?

Meg: Of course. You know I live on here. LOL. What’s up pretty girl?

Me: I just met my new neighbour.

Meg: What? Mr. Don’t-let-your-dog-poop-on-my-lawn-again moved out?

Me: LOL. No. His new wife and stepson moved in.

Meg: WHAT! Someone married the fucktard? OMFG!

Me: I know. Crazy! She’s actually really nice. I have no idea what she sees in him. Her son on the other hand …

Meg: How old is her son?

Me: A year older than us.

Meg: Is he hot?

Me: Meh. He’s okay.

Total lie. He’s more than okay. If I tell her the truth she’ll be over here in a flash. I’m not sure why the thought of her crushing on him doesn’t sit well with me, but it doesn’t. Maybe because today he just became my enemy. Maybe it’s something else. My bestie is boy crazy. She has a new boyfriend practically every week. I swear I can’t keep up with them.

Meg: What’s the deal with him then?

Me: Ugh! He’s a douche. A rude prick.

Meg: Oh. Did he upset you? You need me to come over and teach him some manners?

Me: No. I can handle him. Thanks for the offer though.

If I told her what he said to me she’d be straight over. She’s very protective when it comes to me for some reason. We’ve always had each other’s back.

Meg: Wanna come over to my place? I’m still in prison for sneaking out the other night. My parents suck.

She makes me laugh. Meg is grounded because she got busted sneaking out to meet her boyfriend in the middle of the night. If my sixteen year old did half the things she has done, I think I’d lock her up permanently.

Me: Sure, I’ll be over soon. x

I have a quick browse through my newsfeed before I log off. Looking out my bedroom window, my eyes move towards my neighbour’s house. Imagine my surprise when I see Carter standing at the window directly opposite mine. He’s looking straight at me. Great. Don’t tell me that’s going to be his bedroom.

My eyes narrow at him. What is he staring at? A small, smug smile plays on his lips. God he infuriates me. Standing up, I reach for the cord of my blinds. I don’t think I’ve ever closed them before. I love the sunlight the window provides. There goes my sanctuary, my happy place. Could this day get any worse?

When my eyes reluctantly move back to his, I find him laughing. Fuck him. I can already tell he gets pleasure out of pissing me off. Flipping him off only makes him throw his head back and laugh harder. Arsehole.

I tug on the cord, hard, in frustration. Dreary darkness fills my room when the blinds are down. I have a feeling this is what my life is going to be like now that I have that douche as my neighbour.

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