By: J.L. Perry


By the time lunch rolls around, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve managed to avoid Indiana all day. I’ve even managed to organise my first hook-up with a pretty blonde. Don’t ask me what her name is. I’ve forgotten it already. The name’s not important anyway. I’m only up for a bit of fun, nothing more.

After I grab something to eat, I make my way towards a table. “Carter,” one of the guys from my math class calls out. “Come sit with us.” He seems like a cool enough guy so I head over to him and his friends.

“Thanks,” I say when I take a seat at the end of the table. He proceeds to introduce me to his mates. There are at least ten of them. I’ll never remember all their names.

Brad, the guy sitting opposite me sizes me up. I hate it when people do shit like that. I feel like I’m being judged. “You’re a pretty big dude,” he says flicking his head my way. “Have you ever played football? We could use a guy like you on our team.” He’s one of those pretty boys. The kind the girls seem to fall all over. Smug bastard. I don’t usually associate with his type.

“Nope. Not a fan of sports. Running around the field with a ball seems like a waste of fucking time if you ask me. The only physical exercise I like to do is the bedroom kind.” The other guys at the table laugh. He doesn’t seem impressed though. Fucker.

“You don’t just run around the field with a ball, you dick. It takes skill.”

“Whatever you say, man,” I shrug, like I don’t give a shit. He’s obviously offended by my comment. I choose to ignore the fact he just called me a dick. I’ve already made one enemy today, Indiana. That’s enough for one day.

The table goes quiet. I’m sure they’re waiting to see where this goes. I’m guessing nowhere unless he decides to call me another name.

I pick up my food and start eating. When I look up and make eye contact with him he’s glaring at me. If he thinks that’s going to intimidate me, he’s seriously mistaken. I don’t scare easy. I stare him down.

“Hey Brad, here comes Indi,” I hear one of the guys say. My head snaps towards the entry. What’s it to him? She’s walking towards our table. She has a friend with her. She’s not bad. I might need to add her to my list of conquests. I’m sure that would piss Indiana off.

“You tapped that yet?” one of them asks. I’m presuming he’s asking if he and Indiana have got it on. Why that pisses me off I have no idea. That cocksucker better not say yes.

“Not yet, but this weekend my parents are going away. I’m gonna invite her over,” he chuckles. The cock sitting next to him gives him a high five. I’d like to high five his fucking face.

“I bet you can’t get her to go all the way,” another one adds. Fuck. Am I going to have to take on this whole damn table?

“How much?” Brad asks.

“Fifty bucks.”

“You’re on,” Brad answers reaching over the table to shake his hand. Seriously, they’re making bets on her now? “It won’t be the first cherry I’ve popped and your fifty will make it all the sweeter.” He rubs his hands together when he says that. Like hell will he be having her over this weekend. I have no idea how I’m going to put a stop to this, but I will.

As the girls walk past, Brad reaches out and pulls Indiana onto his lap. “Hey, beautiful,” he whispers in her ear. It instantly gets my back up. Why do I care that his hands are on her? But fuck me, I do.

“Brad,” she giggles, trying to get up off his lap. I want to tell him to let her go, but I keep my mouth shut.

“Don’t make any plans for Saturday night, okay?” he murmurs in the crook of her neck. She pulls her head back and smiles at him. She has a pretty smile. When she’s around me, all I seem to get is a scowl. I guess with the way I treat her I deserve it.

“What’s on Saturday night?” she asks.

“You and me. We’re going to do something. Just the two of us,” Brad answers.

“Like a date?” she asks. When he looks around at the other guys sitting at the table and smirks, it takes everything in me not to lunge at him. My blood has reached boiling point. I try to act unaffected when the guy next to me mumbles, “A date with his bed.” I swear I want to knock him out.

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