Betting on the Wrong Brother(5)

By: Cathryn Fox

“Thanks,” she mumbled.

“Ryan,” he said.

“What?” His boyish grin nearly melted her panties, and that was quite the feat considering how big they were. Shit, she really needed to get dressed and out of there before she did something stupid. Again.

“After what we’ve just been through we should at least know each other’s names. I mean we practically—”

She held her hand up, palm out to stop him. “I know what we practically did.”

“So, I’m Ryan and you are…”

The second he said his name again, it hit her. Her mouth dropped open and she pushed his chest to get away from him. He stumbled backward until he hit the wall. What the hell? Why would he give her a fake name? This was Nolan Wheeler, former bad boy turned pilot. She’d bet her brownie on it. That’s how sure she was.

He rubbed the back of his head. “What did you do that for?”

“Do you have a last name?” she asked instead of answering. Would he fake that too?


Ryan Grayson. Okay, so he was really going all incognito on her. The question was, why? Probably because he was a big shot pilot now and undoubtedly had a harem of women in every major city. An alias would prevent any woman from tracking him down after he loved and left them.

He glanced at his watch like he too had some important meeting. “Do you always get changed in the elevator?”

“Yes. I quite enjoy stripping down to my skivvies and changing clothes in public places.” Since she was well past the point of trying to salvage her self-respect, she waved her hand down her body. “Bloomers like these should always be shown off, don’t you think?”

“Bloomers?” He grinned. “I can’t say I ever heard them called bloomers before.”

“That’s because you haven’t been hanging with my grandmother.”

His grin widened, and despite the fact that she was furious with him, it turned her insides to jelly. She hated her body’s reaction. This man had laughed in her face, and stole every bit of confidence she’d managed to muster that day. Even after she lost the weight, and looked different on the outside, his rejection always reminded her that inside she was still that fat girl who was unworthy of love. She’d had a few relationships over the years of course, but always kept an emotional distance. She presented confidence due to the changes in her appearance, but she never trusted that a guy wouldn’t laugh and leave if he saw who she really was inside. Sex was one thing, but now this girl played it cool and distant outside the bedroom.

“Seriously, were you in that much of a hurry?” he asked.

“I was stuck for fifteen minutes and running late for an appointment, so I put my time to good use.”

“An efficiency expert.”

“It’s not a bad thing.”

She turned and scanned the floor until she found her skirt. She bent to grab it and a groan sounded from behind. Darting a glance over her shoulder, she found him staring at her ass, which she’d just happed to aim his way. Lovely.

“No,” he said. “Not a bad thing at all.”

Oh God! “I really need to get out of here,” she groaned.

Nolan walked to the panel, and this time his backside was in her face. And oh, what a backside it was. The guy looked as good going as he did coming.

He punched a button and when nothing happened, he hit a couple more. “We’re still stuck,” he said.

“Way to state the obvious.” She snatched up her skirt and her breasts swayed, the lace on her bra suddenly abrasive to her sensitive nipples, making them hard enough to cut through the metal panels and free them if need be. “I think the place is haunted,” she added. “Rumor has it that late at night a woman can be heard moaning from one of the rooms.”

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