Blackmailed For Vengeance(10)

By: Marie Kelly

As he moved to the door, opening it he had looked back at her, suddenly aware of how sensual she looked, her eyes wide and still full of the desire they had both felt, her lips red from their kiss and her breasts still rising fast and it took all his determination not to return to her at that moment

“For the record Lee, I never said that I didn’t intend to sleep with you…I said that I had never forced a woman to sleep with me”

With that he was gone, and Lee had sunk down onto the couch, her emotions in tatters. No man had ever kissed her that way before, and the strength of her own reaction to him had frightened her. This man was blackmailing her, threatening her beloved brother, and yet she wondered if he had lifted her and taken her to the bed if she would really have stopped him. With a tortured groan she knew that she wouldn’t have, still feeling the way her body longed for him to return to her. Dropping her head into her hands for the first time she wondered if she was in way over her head

“Please wake up soon Jim” she prayed quietly.

The next morning Lee woke at her usual 6.30, enjoying the feel of the power shower, as it fired warm jets of water across her body. She had then hunted through the clothes which had been delivered, before settling on black trousers and a soft blue jumper as the most practical clothing she could find. After brushing her hair, leaving it to swing freely down her back and applying a little gloss to her lips she had left the room not quite sure of where she was going as Yanis had not thought to show her around the house the previous evening, simply taking her to her room and leaving her there.

Therefore, she had moved around the different rooms downstairs, aimlessly looking for signs of a kitchen in which she could get a cup of tea.

“You look lost Madam” a voice behind her had said making her start

Turning round quickly, she had flashed the housekeeper one of her wonderful smiles making the woman smile back automatically

“Morning Maria... I am…I was looking for the kitchen” she said “and please call me Lee”

The woman before her had smiled again “OK Lee, I think you and I will be good friends” she said softly in her deep accent.

“I hope so…I will try not to be any trouble to you” she said gently, as the woman had looked at her for a few seconds

“I show you the dining room. Yanis is already there. You have breakfast with him”

Lee’s heart had sunk to her feet. She had hoped to avoid him until the evening when she would be expected to play the dutiful girl friend by his side. Biting down the groan she had followed the older woman to a room down the hall and thanked her once she had opened the door for her.

As she entered Yanis had looked up in surprise.

“I didn’t expect to see you this early Lee” he said in his sensual voice, which once more, she had found so pleasant as she felt the small tremors pass through her, remembering once again how his mouth had felt against hers, how he had tasted as she had held back the small moan which rose within her.

“Really” she said taking a seat opposite him “and why is that”

He had looked briefly at his watch “Most women are not known for getting up this early” he replied

“Well maybe you should try to meet some women who have to work for a living Yanis…I imagine that your mistresses don’t do much of that” she replied haughtily

She saw his lips twitch “Really, am I mistaken or are you not now one of the idle rich kept women”

Lee glared at him lifting the tea pot to pour herself a cup of much needed tea

“Not by my choice” she said “I guess that’s the difference…you forced this”

“Is this not what you have always wanted Lee” he asked leaning closer in to her as she had scowled at him “No it is not” she said with conviction, bristling as he had laughed softly at her

“Why do you fight this? Why not enjoy it while it lasts” he said, his dark eyes flicking over her face

“Because this is not who I am” she retorted angrily “I just want Jim to wake up so that I can get back to my own life, not “she searched around for the right word “...this”

“Still playing your little game, Cara” he said although there was a hard edge to his tone as she had leant back in submission.

“This afternoon we have an appointment with my lawyer to sign the paperwork we discussed…if you like I can change the time, so you can go shopping” he had offered, watching her

The last thing Lee wanted to do was to go shopping again, but the thought of an early visit to Mrs Green perked her up.

“OK, change the time. Can the driver take me where I want to go….or am I stuck with your schedule” she asked “There is somebody I would like to visit”

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