Blackmailed For Vengeance(2)

By: Marie Kelly

Lee had stayed for her usual cup of tea and listened while the older woman had told her more stories of her younger years. She enjoyed listening to Mrs Green and would usually sit contentedly for an hour or more listening as the older woman had spoken. However, that day she had been exhausted, and as she had tried to hide the yawn behind her hand, Mrs Green had laughed, a soft tinkling sound which made her eyes twinkle before insisting that she leave early when hearing the story of Lee’s day.

Lee had groaned, feeling guilty, knowing that the older woman had nobody else, and always looked forward to her visits and Lee had made a mental note to visit her first the next day. Deep down, however, she wondered if this was more due to her desire not to run into the man with the darkest eyes she had ever seen whose face was so familiar to her. Pulling herself from the comfortable chair Lee had ran herself a bath while making a small supper of tea and toast eating it with relish not having realised just how hungry she was.

Moving back to the small bathroom, she had pulled off her clothes to move into the warm water with a soft groan on her lovely lips, looking at herself in the mirror, as she had sighed at what she saw. At 24, Lee was of average height about 5.5 with a slim curvaceous figure and firm breasts which looking bigger due to her small slender waist which flared to wider hips, a perfect bottom and long shapely legs. She pulled her long almost black layered hair from the band which held it away from her face, to allow it to fall around her shoulders and down her back seeing how it framed her tired face. Almond in shape, her large hazel eyes, fringed with long black lashes gave her an innocent look, which made men’s pulses race, although she seemed unaware of the reaction she had on them. Seeing how tired she looked, her normally glowing skin a little lack lustre she had stuck out her tongue at herself, causing her beautiful mouth to curve into a large warm smile which showed the two small dimples on her cheeks and lit up her whole features. As she had made to sink down into the beckoning water, her door bell had rung, causing her to once more groan softly.

With a small sigh Lee had pulled on her thin bath robe, before moving to the door cautiously opening it to peer out to see who would be calling at that late hour

With a gasp of surprise she had recognised the man from the hospital, her eyes wide at seeing him there. He was looking back at her with equal surprise before looking behind her as though expecting somebody else

“Are you Lee Andrews” he asked, a small frown on his face

“Yes” she had replied, suddenly feeling panic rising within her

“Has something happened ….. Is Jim OK” she asked her large eyes suddenly wide with fear, as she had dreaded hearing the worst, remembering how she had left her details with the hospital

The man before her had frowned even deeper shaking his head

“Jim’s condition hasn’t changed. May I please come in” he asked as one of her neighbours had appeared at their door

Lee had opened the door wider to let him in, confused as to why he was there

“My name is Yanis..” the man had started to say before she had cut across him.

“I know who you are Mr Demitri” she said softly, seeing how his frown had deepened even further. Lee had instantly recognised Yanis Demitri when she had first seen him in the hospital, having heard so much about him over the years and read so many of the news clips shown to her by Jim, who seemed almost in awe of his friend

“It’s nice to meet you Mr Demitri”, she said extending her hand “Although I wish it were under different circumstances” she had said sadly “Jim speaks about you often”.

Briefly it crossed her mind that the man before her was even more attractive in person, than in the many pictures she had seen of him, as no picture could truly capture the sheer animal magnetism of the man

To her surprise he had ignored her outstretched hand and was looking around the room with an unpleasant expression on his face.

Having walked into her small flat, Yanis Demitri had stood sideways on to her as though deep in thought before looking around himself, his eyes taking in her comfortable yet modest home.

“Yes, Jim” he said, finally turning to look on her, with eyes which seemed to flick down her with no attempt to conceal the contempt in them, as she had dropped her still outstretched arm in confusion

“So can I assume Miss Andrews” he said his voice icy “That your conscience is bothering you”

Lee had frowned back at him, not understanding what he was saying

“I..I don’t know what you mean” she said her face genuinely surprised

“I am talking about Jim’s suicide attempt” he replied glaring at her with such hostility in those deep dark eyes

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