Blackmailed For Vengeance(4)

By: Marie Kelly

After several minutes she had been asked to enter the room at the end of the corridor, and with a nervous glance at the smiling receptionist she had moved into the room as directed. However, seeing the handsome figure of Yanis Demitri behind the desk, she had gasped in surprise

“What is going on” she asked her eyes looking around the room

“You’re not Peter’s employer” she bit out looking angrily at the man before her

“Sit down Miss Andrews” he said calmly as she had sank down into the seat opposite him

“And actually yes I am…I now own this company… as well as many others” he had said his eyes following her every move carefully

“What do you want Mr Demitri” Lee said attempting to hold in the anger which bubbled just below the surface of her cool exterior.

“I don’t appreciate your pulling me out of my work with some made up story about my brother; I was told that something serious had happened to him” She had said icily, glaring coldly at the man opposite her.

Yanis Demitri held her look, his just as cold

“Oh believe me Miss Andrews as much as I appreciate how put out you are, I am not in the habit of wasting my own time, and with regard to your brother” he had sat back deeply into his chair his lips curving into an unpleasant smile

“It’s not so much about what has happened to your brother, more like what is about to happen to your brother”

Lee looked at the man before her, a feeling of panic rising within her

“What do you mean” she asked quietly

“I mean that your brother has been signing cheques which he shouldn’t have been signing.”

Lee’s eyes narrowed

“That’s a damn lie.. my brother isn’t a thief” she said with conviction

Yanis’s smile deepened like a cat playing with a mouse

“Granted Miss Andrews, your brother may not have realised what he was signing, but never the less his name is on the cheques”

Lee could feel her mouth drying as she stared in horror at the man before her

“You set him up” she said in shock

“But why?”

Yanis leant forward his eyes angry daggers as he spat venomously at her

“You know fine well why, I told you that I would make you pay”

Lee looked at him with disbelief on her face

“But I told you already.. it isn’t a suicide note…Jim and I are only friends… that is all we have ever been.”

“I am sure that you can fool your boyfriends with that little miss innocent routine of yours Miss Andrews” he said “but I read the note and I am no fool”

“Well if you really believe that Jim would try to kill himself then you are either a fool or you don’t know him as well as you think you do” she had retorted back just as angrily

For a few seconds the two of them glared at each other Lee realising that she was breathing more raggedly as the emotions rose within her. Finally he had sat back in his chair once more in full control of himself as he looked at her with calculating eyes, seeing how flushed she was as her eyes had shone so brightly, a magnificent green colour with the anger in them.

“I spent a lot of time finding out about you Lee” he said softly using her name for the first time.

“Your mother and father were killed six years ago in a car accident when you were only 18” he said his head raised looking upwards at some invisible spot on the ceiling, his tone almost bored, as he recounted her life story to her

“You brought up your younger brother who was only 15 at the time and who took the deaths of his parents very hard….getting into some trouble with the police when he was 16”

“That was a one off thing, and he has never been in trouble since” Lee had said jumping immediately to her brother’s defence.

Still not looking at her she saw the smile return to his face, not reaching his eyes which seemed to be focussed so intently on the ceiling

“Ah, yes… but when this comes to light.. who do you think the police are going to believe” he said, finally lowering his eyes to look at her with a triumphant smile on his face

“An ex-teenage delinquent or the CEO of one of the largest shipping companies in the world”

Lee bit her lip knowing the answer as well as he did.

“What is it you want” she asked softly, feeling the tightness within her stomach as she waited for him to drop the bombshell he had obviously planned so hard to set up

“What makes you think I want anything” he replied his tone once more playing with her.

“Because” she said slowly, her dislike for the man before her showing so clearly on her face

“If you didn’t want anything then I wouldn’t be here, and my brother would be sitting in a jail cell” she said

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