Blackmailed For Vengeance(6)

By: Marie Kelly

“A car will pick you up in 5 minutes when you will start your new life Lee. Tonight we will dine together at Chez Jardine and tomorrow you will accompany me to the premier of a new Film and then the day after that we will announce our engagement.”

“What about my brother” she said softly “How do I know that you won’t do all this and then have him thrown in jail anyway?”

“You have my word” he said arrogantly as though that was the end of it

“Not good enough” she had quickly bit back

Yanis had frowned

“OK, probably as well under the circumstances. I will have a document drawn up with my lawyers, which details our agreement, stating that you will not get to keep anything from our time together and that I and only I can end our engagement at any time I wish. In return you will be given the incriminating documents relating to your brother…good enough”

“Yes” she replied “But I want to add one proviso…that when Jim wakes up and clears me of what you are accusing me off then I get to call off the engagement and you never come near me again”

Yanis had frowned “You still persist with your story” he said his eyes once more holding hers, “but OK”

“I will contact your employer and explain to them that you need time off…I am sure they will be happy to give you an extended holiday…after all I am one of their biggest customers” he said with a smile which did not reach his eyes

Lee had stood up moving towards the door throwing him a dirty look which made his lips curl

“Until tonight” he said softly “Make sure you dress formally.. wouldn’t want my new fiancée feeling out of place” he said in a tone which seemed to imply the exact opposite, as Lee realised that there was nothing that he would like more than for her to feel out of place.

“There is an itinerary in the car for the next few days, you will move into my house tonight, so buy everything you need and have it sent over this afternoon”.

Stopping at the door Lee had looked at him “Wow, you have thought of everything” she said as he smiled

“I always do” he replied, before she had added her eyes flashing self righteously

“Except of course how Jim is going to feel when he finds out about all of this” she said as she moved out of the room to the waiting car.

As the door closed behind her Yanis Demitri had frowned. The exchange had been less satisfying than he had hoped for. Her determination at sticking to her story had annoyed him. He knew Lee Andrews type only too well. Although she was dressed demurely her hair pulled back from her face, wearing a suit which still did not disguise her wonderful figure, he could still see her from the night he had called at her home. Then her long, layered naturally wavy hair had hung around her body which was only just concealed in a bath robe showing off her wonderful curves, giving her a sensual wild look, which he had found himself reacting to. He had admired her lovely face then just as he had done in the hospital when they had first met and had been disappointed when she turned out to be Lee Andrews, recognising his attraction to the young women from that first meeting.

With a frown he remembered his friend lying on the hospital bed. Had she captured him with those wonderful eyes which seemed to promise such passion, or that soft wide mouth of hers, so full and red. His mouth tightening as he determined to make sure that Lee Andrews, the cold hearted gold digger he knew her to be, would rue the day she played with Jim’s heart.

In the car Lee had found the itinerary that he had talked about. She had read through the plan for the week which consisted mainly of visits to shops and salons for more treatments than she had ever even heard of. With a small groan Lee had thrown the paper to the side praying that Jim would wake up soon to save her from the tedium that the itinerary promised. She had never been somebody who could spend days on end pampering herself, needing to be busy, needing to be working, and she had closed her eyes in pain at the thought of having to follow his mind numbing list.

With a firm set to her chin, she had made plans of her own. She might not be able to work, but Lee had always been a keen volunteer for several charities, and perhaps she could turn the tables on Yanis Demitri and at the same time help out those charities who could so badly use the money which he seemed determined to throw at her. It was the least he deserved she thought, cheered a little at the chance to use the situation to her own ends.

The rest of the day Lee found herself being whisked firstly to the salon, where a chatty hair dresser had admired her long thick hair, only tidying up her layers so that they were sharper and more prominent. She had then enjoyed an interesting session with a make-up artist who had shown her the right way to apply make-up along with hints on the colours which worked best for her, and by late afternoon, Lee had left with bags of make-up and hair products which she had thrown into the car.

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