Blackmailed For Vengeance(7)

By: Marie Kelly

From there she had found herself in an exclusive boutique in which the owner, Claire, had already been forwarded by Yanis a list of outfits she would require to begin her new wardrobe. She had admired Lee’s figure clapping her hands with pleasure

“Oh, you have such a lovely figure” she had said in delight “So often I am expected to work miracles on those who really should know better” she had said with a wicked grin.

Lee had tried on outfit after outfit, as some where packed up for her while others were placed back on the peg, rejected by the owner who would walk around her with each outfit nodding or shaking her head for assistants to take the appropriate action. Finally she had given Lee a stunning three quarter length cocktail dress, made of a soft floaty material which clung to her body as it fell to her ankles. The red strapless dress was simple elegance which fastened at her back, gathering under her breast where it fell gently brushing sensually against her body, giving small glimpses of her wonderful shape beneath. Looking at her reflection Lee had been amazed at how good she looked. Complimenting it with matching red strappy shoes and an evening bag Lee had finally found herself ready for her first dinner with Yanis Demitri.


As she had stepped out of the car the flashing of camera bulbs had momentarily blinded and surprised Lee, who had jumped, her eyes widening with confusion. Quickening her pace and throwing up her hand to shield her eyes from the sudden glare, she had moved into the exclusive restaurant, with its soft music and wood panelled luxury, and had given her name to the maître de who had smiled welcomingly to her before directing her to what was obviously the best table in the house. There Yanis was already waiting for her, and Lee had swallowed a lump in her throat on seeing him. Dressed in a black dinner suit, he looked every bit the play boy Jim had described to her. His wide muscular shoulders fitting so well in the designer jacket, which he wore with an air of belonging as he had looked supremely comfortable in his surroundings, while she felt nervous and still a little rattled by what had happened outside. Seeing him sitting so calm and confident Lee had proudly raised her chin, as she had stepped forward to meet with him, determined not to show her true feelings, knowing what pleasure it would give him to see how out of place she actually felt. As he had stood to greet her she had felt the tingle of awareness once more, fully appreciating how magnificent he looked, his wide shoulders tapering to slim hips, his thick black hair layered against his tanned skin and those wonderful dark penetrating eyes following her as she moved towards him, his head lifted proudly as he watched her approach. Trying not to look at his seductive mouth which was smiling softly at her she had dropped her eyes as her body had jumped to attention at just the sight of him.

Lee knew that Yanis Demitri was 32, as both he and Jim had attended the same classes throughout their boyhood years, but he was much taller than his friend, over 6 foot, and as she approached the table he had extending his hand and captured hers to kiss her fingers gently. The feel of his lips on her skin had caught her by surprise, as she had bit her lips to prevent the small gasp leaving her mouth, once more feeling the small current of electricity travel down her spine, as she had quickly pulled her hand from his, much to his amusement as his dark eyes had mocked her.

Sitting down once more he had openly admired her, his dark eyes framed with the longest lashes she had ever seen on a man which were slowly and unashamedly travelling down her whole body.

“Very nice…I can see why Jim enjoyed you so much” he muttered, causing Lee to frown

“Did you enjoy your shopping trip” he asked conversationally

Lee had sighed, her eyes meeting his

“Do you really care” she asked her voice dripping with contempt

He had opened his eyes wide his innocent expression laughing at her

“But of course Cara, I am interested in everything my future wife does”

Lee had once more bitten her lip to stop the caustic words from leaving her mouth, instead lifting the menu to look at the food, suddenly not feeling hungry any more.

Dropping the sarcasm in his tone he had suddenly become very serious, his eyes delving deeply into hers, holding them as his face had become more sombre

“I have several charities which I work with Lee, and from the moment our engagement is announced you will be expected to take an interest in these”

Pausing he had looked at her

“Do you think you can do that” he had asked with a small thoughtful frown, before adding unpleasantly “In between your shopping trips of course”

The chance to do something during what she was fast coming to look on as her internment had instantly raised her spirits

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