Blackmailed For Vengeance(8)

By: Marie Kelly

“I’m sure I can show enough interest” she had responded, before the attentive waiter had appeared to take their order and place drinks before them.

Surprisingly the rest of the meal had passed pleasantly as Yanis had at her prompting described the different charities he supported, answering her many questions. He had looked at the young woman with real surprise at her obvious interest, telling himself that women like Lee Andrews just liked to find out as much information as they could, so that they could use it against men like Jim. However, she had grossly underestimated him because he knew how women like her operated, and she was wasting her time if she thought he would be half as easy a mark as poor Jim had been. Still he was pleasantly surprised at her quick mind and the way she asked pertinent and intelligent questions. Most of his lady friends would not have been able to grasp half of the information he was giving let alone be able to make sense of it. She however, had nodded with apparent understanding.

To his surprise he had found himself enjoying the meal slowly relaxing in her company to the point that he had began to joke with her, as she had laughed back, throwing in quick one liners of her own which had him laughing with her. He had also found himself admiring her smile, which would light up her whole features, enjoying the sound of her wonderful laugh, as her whole face would glow when she did. As the meal had ended he had looked at her contemplatively, she was good he thought to himself, very good.

Lee had also enjoyed the meal, finding him to be great company once he had stopped looking at her as though she was something unpleasant he had stepped on. She had been genuinely interested in his charity work and pleasantly surprised at the amount of knowledge he had about this work. It seemed to show that he was actively interested and involved, rather than just a cheque book patron. As he had relaxed she had found him smiling at her with that same smile he had used in the hospital the day they met and had found the sound of his masculine laughter had sent pleasant tremors once more down her spine.

Finishing the meal Yanis had guided her out of the restaurant placing his hand gently on her back, an action which had caused Lee to jump slightly at the sudden feel of his hand on her body. As they had moved into the waiting car she had gasped in surprise, flinching, as once more photographers had snapped pictures of the two of them.

Inside the car she had looked at him in surprise

“Who where they” she asked

“paparazzi” he replied unpleasantly “get used to them Lee, they will become the bane of your life…and when I throw you out, then they are going to pursue you with a vengeance…and you won’t be able to say a word” he added, the old unpleasantness creeping back into his voice and eyes.

Lee sat quietly for the rest of the short journey as he filled her in on plans made so far. She had grimaced at the amount of time and effort he had put into his vengeance plan, but had been relieved when he had informed her that her work had completely understood that she could not come right back, but had looked forward to seeing her when things were more settled.

Lee had recognised the area which the car had driven too. Not surprised to find herself on the expensive side of town, the complete opposite end of the social scale to her own small home. They had pulled up outside a large estate in which they had to be buzzed through security gates to reach the grand home which sat nestled in amongst the trees at the end of the long driveway. Lee had only seen such buildings on television or when she had visited some of the immensely rich clients who used the PR Company she worked for, her mind briefly returning to one in particular, before she had looked over at Yanis Demitri the other memory vanishing from her mind instantly. As she admired the building he had gently placed a hand on her elbow to move into the building with her, once again making her jump.

Inside, the house was decorated in the most sumptuous manner. It was clear to see that no expense had been spared in the décor, although Lee had felt that it was a little masculine and lacked some feminine touches, not surprising she mused, remembering Jim telling her that although many had tried, no woman had ever managed to move into his home on a permanent basis. Standing looking around with awe struck eyes, scared to touch anything in case she broke it; she became aware of a woman moving towards them. Middle aged with warm twinkling eyes she had welcomed Yanis and then Lee.

“Lee please meet Mrs D’Angelo…my housekeeper” he said smiling back at the woman

Lee had extended her hand, a broad smile on her face much to the other woman’s surprise.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you” she said warmly. The woman had looked at her for a second before shaking the hand and replying with a smile

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