Blackmailed For Vengeance(9)

By: Marie Kelly

“Please call me Maria Madam”

Lee had smiled

“OK but only if you call me Lee”

Watching this Yanis had frowned slightly. Maria was a shrewd woman, who often had plenty to say about the type of women he brought home, so why was she being so quickly taken in by the transparent gold digger before her

“I will show Lee to her room” he said moving up the steps with the expectancy of a man who was used to others following him, as indeed she had done with a last flash of teeth to the other woman, who much to her surprise had winked at her.

Opening the door to a room halfway down the corridor Lee had gasped as she walked in. The room was huge and beautifully decorated in light creams and rich reds. The large four poster bed which looked small in the space was exquisitely dressed and suddenly feeling very tired it had looked so appealing at that moment. Near to the bed Lee could also see a large comfortable couch and dressing table, and had spotted two doors on the farthest wall to where they stood. Moving over to the first he had shown her the large en-suite bathroom filled with everything she would need. Her eyes had been wide with wonder at the opulence of it and she had gasped again seeing the next door which led into a walk in closet, in which her purchases of that day had already been neatly hung.

Lee had been surprised to see just how much she had bought and was annoyed seeing the mocking look which crept into his eyes

“Glad to see you getting into the swing of things” he said softly

Angrily she had turned away from him biting back

“You were the one who sent along the list…not me”

Lee had felt him moving behind her, her whole body suddenly on high alert at his closeness

“Well I think I’ll leave you to it then” he said much to her relief

“But there is one thing we need to sort out” he said as his hands had quickly grabbed her turning her around to face him as she had gasped in surprise, before he had pulled her against the hardness of him, his mouth lowering to kiss her

For a second Lee had froze in shock, before with a small groan her lips had parted to deepen his kiss, feeling his mouth gentle yet insistent against hers as his tongue had began to explore the softness of her. Then sense had bubbled to the surface of her confused mind as she had pushed him away from her, her eyes shocked and confused with a tinge of fear filling them. As she stood unsteadily away from him, her breathing ragged, she had seen the look of desire in his eyes before they had once more been replaced with the coldness she had come to expect

“ said that you weren’t going to force me to sleep with you” she stammered

With supreme calmness he had smiled back at her

“That’s right Lee, but from now on you are going to have to act like you are madly in love with me….and not jump a mile like a frightened school girl every time I touch you. Because believe me, part of the deal here is that you play your part well…. It just won’t be as much fun for me if you don’t.

Through gritted teeth she had replied

“Don’t worry about me Yanis, I can fake it for the damn camera” she retorted

She had seen his eyebrows rise and with a smile he had moved forward

“Good, you finally managed to say my name…a start… now come here and prove to me that you can fake it”

With unsteady feet she had moved towards him unaware of how her hands had tugged at each other nervously, her teeth biting on her soft lip. He had taken each hand in his kissing them both slowly as she fought not to show the way his touch was affecting her, before his hands had moved to her hips pulling her closer in against him while his mouth had once again lowered to take hers. She had watched it all happen in slow motion, aware of her eyes closing as their lips touched. This time she let him kiss her and placing her flattened hands against the hardness of his chest she had slowly moved them upwards against him until they were wound around his neck, to bring her soft body harder in against his as she had kissed him back just as deeply, letting her tongue meet his as she felt herself sinking under the wonderful sensations he was rising within her.

He had groaned gently against her lips, as his hands had moved along her back her body reacting wherever she felt the heat of those firm hands through the thin material of her dress as he held her even tighter to him. After what seemed an age, he had moved her away from him his hands a little shaky

“OK Lee, you proved that you can fake it….I’m sure that Jim was impressed too” he had added his voice husky, as he had looked down on her with those dark unfathomable eyes

Lee dropped her eyes to the ground aware that she was breathing fast, her hand visibly trembling rising to gently touch her mouth.

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