Bound For Me(9)

By: Natalie Anderson

But Connor wasn’t letting anyone cloud Summerhill’s reputation.

Just like taking to the slopes, playing the stock market was always a risk. People had to research, make their own calculations, take responsibility for their own actions.

Which wasn’t to say Connor didn’t like to offer a helping hand if someone was struggling.

Because he was a man of action, not jumping in sooner tonight to tell those assholes where they could stick it had taken more self-control than he’d thought he had. But he knew if he was to have any chance with Savannah, he’d have to stand down and let her get on with it. Getting all he-man hero in her face would only backfire, he’d learned that from the other night. This was a woman who wanted to feel in charge. So he’d waited ’til she’d stepped out before getting rid of them.

By just looking at her, the heat in his blood had turned from anger to attraction. Raw, unstoppable attraction of a force that stole his breath. It didn’t matter that he questioned her reasons for being here. That he didn’t trust her. Because something had changed within her. That cold, cold veil of professionalism had lifted and he’d seen warmth. Warmth when she’d looked at him.

All his pre-planned questions vanished. All that mattered was holding that look within her. Keeping her like that, hotter than a naked flame. And damn if he just wasn’t an itty, bitty moth.

The way she’d gently tended to his cut, despite that veneer of impatience? For a second he’d thought she was going to kiss him. He’d held his breath, held utterly still, aware that something as small as a smile might make her pull away. But she’d pulled away anyway. A stunned expression crossing her face, like she couldn’t believe the impulse within herself.

He couldn’t believe it either.

There was no way he was leaving her yet.

She stopped what she was doing and looked at him. A frown creased her perfectly made-up face. He braced himself in delight—she was back to the cold-as-snow bartender?

“What?” he asked, unable to stop his smile now. He did like the daggers in her eyes. Her death-look was way better than his.

“I don’t appreciate you looking at me like I’m a piece of meat,” she said sharply. But color mounted in her cheeks.

How could such acidity tumble from such soft, full lips? They looked so kissable. Yeah, she was so freaking edible.


He wanted to bite. Hard. She was trying to put him off, all it did was make him want her more. He hadn’t tasted, hadn’t felt his sex drive soar like this in a long time. He never allowed distraction of any sort. Seeing the mess his father Rex had made with his countless affairs… and then his brother Logan, with his sexual performance plastered all over the internet… no thanks. He put one hundred percent of himself into work. This mountain, the home he would never leave, was all that mattered. He’d had to save Summerhill. He’d always save Summerhill. The mountain came first, he was bound to it by his own blood.

And finally he had everything the way he wanted. The company was his. They’d even had the official party to celebrate it before his parents went away.

It was exactly as he’d masterminded it. He’d been working for this moment for years.

But damn if it wasn’t enough already. He’d had to spend the last couple of days out in the snow rather than in his office, trying to let the wind clear his head. Trying to snatch back the peace that should be his.

Yet only now did he feel something other than anger and tiredness and irritation. Only now, squaring off to Savannah, did he feel even slightly fulfilled.

Jeez, was it as simple as sex? Was that all he needed?

Yes. His body screamed louder. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Why shouldn’t he take a few minutes at midnight to fence with a worthy opponent? Why shouldn’t he flirt for once? Even if he suspected she might be an enemy.

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