Breaker's Point Rogue

By: M.G. Morgan


The road wound around and around on itself and Stuart swung the wheel to keep the car moving in the direction he wanted and not off the edge of the cliffs. The sea battered itself against the rock and he contemplated pulling over and letting the wind drive the torturous thoughts from his head.

An image of Carrie haunted his every waking moment, and every time he closed his eyes he could see her smile. All he’d ever wanted was her smile and it was the reason he was now on his way up to Breaker’s Point. She had David and the last person she needed around, messing everything up, was him.

Of course, knowing she had David didn’t make it any easier for Stuart to walk away.

Stuart sighed and punched the edge of the steering wheel. Riley had promised him work up here... Work, and lots of rich, single, bored women searching for distraction. The last part made Stuart a little uncomfortable, since he had no intention of just being someone’s distraction. That was definitely more Riley’s scene.

Stuart slowed the car as he crossed the town’s outer limits and the streets began to narrow. It had been a long time since he’d been here, and since he’d last been here it seemed the centre of town had become a rundown ghost town.

He pulled the car into a parking space directly in front of what seemed to be the only open diner on the street.

Stuart sat for a minute, his fingers idly tapping on the steering wheel. He could just keep driving, since Riley didn’t live too far outside Breaker’s Point. There’d be plenty of opportunities to get food there and yet Stuart found himself pushing the car door open and stepping out onto the asphalt.

He needed time to think, time to get his thoughts in order before he met up with his brother and found himself bombarded with questions and lectures. Riley always knew best—it had to be an older brother thing. Stuart had watched the same thing happen between Aaron and David.

The sun was beginning to sink slowly in the sky and Stuart paused, closing his eyes and drinking in the salty breeze that was carried in from the beach. Part of him couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that Riley was able to afford a place up in Breaker’s Point. There had always been something about the place that made Stuart want to lay down roots and never leave.

But his type of work didn’t exactly leave him with a choice and Stuart went wherever there was work.

The feel of someone watching him had him opening his eyes slowly. He scanned the street surreptitiously but there was no one else around but him. Stuart started forward, his stride lazy as he stepped up onto the sidewalk and moved towards the front door of the diner.

The moment he pushed through the door the smell of apple pie hit him and his mouth began to water. His stomach grumbled loudly and all thoughts of being watched were washed from his mind.

The air in the diner was a little too warm and Stuart shrugged out of his leather jacket as he moved to a booth near the back. The moment he sat he instantly became aware of the silence that his sudden appearance seemed to have caused.

From the corner of his eye he watched the handful of other customers as they shot him curious glances. Stuart couldn’t help but wonder if he should have maybe made some sort of announcement to help them work out who he was and what exactly he was doing there.

The moment they found out he was a Reynolds they would all know exactly who he was. The longer he could keep that to himself, the better.

Stuart dropped his gaze and kept it glued to the slightly faded menu he held in his hands. It wasn’t until an irritated cough drew his attention that Stuart lifted his eyes from the card in front of him.

A pair of sparkling blue eyes met his, a pair of sparkling angry blue eyes. Her dark hair was piled up into a high ponytail and it swung around her shoulders as she folded her arms across her chest. But it was the look in her eyes that really threw Stuart for a loop. As far as he was aware he didn’t know her and she certainly had no reason to stand there looking utterly delicious and utterly infuriated all at once.

“Something the matter?”

Stuart smiled and did his best to keep his tone low and friendly, since the last thing he needed was to cause a scene in the town diner.

“You have some nerve coming in here.”

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