Broken Compass:Supernatural Prison Story 1

By: Jaymin Eve

Supernatural Prison World #1

Catch up on the Supernatural Prison World

There are magically hidden towns around the world which are entirely occupied by supernatural races. There are five races: Shifter, Vampire, Magic User (witch/wizard, sorceress/sorcerer), Fey (Faerie), and Demi-Fey (Ogres, trolls, harpies, gargoyles, mermaids, etc). They all live together in relative peace.

Bordering many of these towns are prisons which house supernatural criminals. These crims are contained there to keep the world, and humans especially, safe from them. Humans do not know about these races, except for the Guilds – specially chosen families who help the supernatural communities acquire things in the human world, and integrate if needed.

Stratford, Connecticut is the supernatural prison town in the USA, controlled by a council of five powerful supes, one from each of the races. Maximus Compass has just become the vampire leader. His brothers (quads) Braxton, Jacob, and Tyson, are the shifter, fey, and magic leaders also.

These quads are newly elected to their leadership role, after having defeated the dragon king in an epic throw-down battle. The king was trying to take over all of the councils around the world. He failed. But there has been much carnage left in his wake.

The quads are pack mates with Jessa Lebron, wolf shifter, and her twin sister, Mischa Lebron.

This is Mischa and Max’s story.

Other terms

True Mate – A fated mateship. Mates will have a physical and mental connection. Only between supernaturals of the same species (i.e shifter and shifter).

Chosen Mate – A mateship which is chosen between supernaturals. Length of time is up to the couple involved. Can be between any of the races, and sometimes even with humans.

Half-Breed – The offspring of supernatural and human mating. They generally have nothing more than some advanced senses. Live normal human lives.

Hybrid – Offspring between two different supernatural races. Vampire and shifter offspring will be a hybrid of both races. Weaker in some ways than full blooded race members.

Dragon Mated – Dragon shifters are not genetic, and cannot be inherited. They are only born when a dragon soul chooses to bond with a supernatural. The two become dragon mated. Very rare, and very powerful beings are dragon shifters.

Maximus Compass

Each night the emptiness claims me and each morning I force myself to awake. Aimlessly, I wander the streets of the human world, feeding to survive. At times I briefly contemplate ending it all, but I refuse to leave my brothers or Jessa.

Speaking of my number one girl, a buzzing illumination indicated I had another text. She was relentless, never letting me wallow in my misery.

Jessa babe: Maximus Compass, where the fuck are you? Seriously, dude, I’m as fat as a house and my eyes are literally falling from my head I’m that tired. Mainly because two babies are kicking the shit out of me every night. I need you to come home. Braxton won’t stop feeding me. I’m starting to waddle. WADDLE.

An actual smile forced its way across my face. She was the one light in my darkness, the reason I was heading in the direction of Stratford. Though I wasn’t sure I could step into the community again. That was the place my mate had … died. I was able to say the word now, but it still burned like the hottest fires of hell. I needed to start accepting what had happened. Truth was, the guilt was killing me. Guilt and pain. I hadn’t protected Cardia. I was too busy trying to save everyone else. My duty should have been to her first, and yet it never was.

I didn’t deserve a true mate, and so the fates, those evil bitches, had taken her from me. I wanted to kill them. But, unfortunately, that was impossible.

My phone buzzed again.

Jessa babe: I’m serious, Max. You need to come home. There’s stuff happening, the shifter bears are planning some sort of coup against Braxton. We need you. The council needs you.

She was pulling out the big guns now, reminding me of my responsibility, of my brothers. I missed those assholes. We had barely been apart since birth, and it was our birthday soon. Twenty-three. And yet I felt like I was a thousand years old. Old and completely done.

I hit her back with a brief text.

On my way.

That was all she needed to know.

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