Burning Desire (Condemned Angels Series #1)

By: Heather Leigh


~ 10 years ago ~

“Chase, would you just stop being a pussy and help me out?” Roxy blew a frustrated breath up her face trying to move a piece of hair out of her way.

“Look Rox, you know how pissed not only Jeremy would be, but your dad would have my fucking head if they knew I was even contemplating helping you with this. You know I can’t be the man for the job.” Chase sighed, running his hand through his short dark hair.

“The man? I’m sorry I didn’t realize that you were a man. You mean boy, right? If I wanted a man- I could go get one, but you- you’ll do just fine. I need to get this done and over with okay?”

“You’re pushing it, with that smart ass mouth of yours…” Chase’s green eyes narrowed at Roxy.

“Just say you’ll do it, pleassseeeee.” She hung off his arm as she begged with her big doe eyes and dark thick lashes.

Chase rubbed his hand over his chin, “Fine, only because you said please. And you know I can’t say no to that face.” He tugged on her chin with his thumb and forefinger.

Chase watched her face light up and her small arms wrap around his neck. She squealed in delight as he buried his face deep into the crook of her neck, inhaling her strawberry scented hair.

Roxy pulled away slightly to look him in the eye, her heart skipping a beat. That warm sensation of butterflies exploded in her stomach, and it seemed as though time slowed down around them. Biting her bottom lip, she smiled up at Chase. Watching his eyes travel to her mouth, Roxy quickly pulled away from him, however Chase caught her by the wrists and held them both to his chest.

“Promise me you won’t tell Jeremy I was the one…”

“The one, what?”

“The first one you were with.”

“Ha, now that sounded all types of fucked up. It’s my first ride on a bike, it’s not like you’re popping my cherry, Chase.” Roxy laughed as she zipped up her tight black leather jacket, busting at the seams due to her being well endowed.

“What do you know about sex?” Chase looked her over from head-to-toe.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she smirked while giving him a wink. Chase shook his head, started up the bike and waited for her to get on. Noting her hesitation as she stood beside him, he handed her a helmet and yelled over the steady rumble of his bike, “Just hold onto my shoulders and swing your leg over. It’s easy.”

“Easy my ass!” she laughed as she tried her best in her skinny jeans to gracefully maneuver behind him. She gently held onto his shoulders for support, not knowing how to hold on to him. She could feel his body vibrate with laughter.

“You’ll need to hold on here,” he said as he pulled her arms around his waist. “And your legs need to hug the bike, the pipes are hot.” He put his hand behind her knees and pulled her forward so that she was flush with his body. Chase sucked in a sharp breath at the feeling of her large round breasts pressed against his back. He could feel her warm center through both of their jeans. God damn, what he wouldn’t give to have nothing between them. Quickly shaking the thought of Roxy’s older brother, Jeremy Moretti- his best friend of 18 years and counting. Here he was giving Jeremy’s baby sister her first ride on a motorcycle. He was going to get his ass handed to him. Chase kicked up the stand and let it rip on the open road.

~ Roxy ~

I couldn’t decide which was better; having the thrill of a lifetime on the back of Chase’s bike or the fact that I’m straddling Chase DeLuca. I bit my lower lip and settled my head on Chase’s shoulder and held on tight as the wind blew my hair around my face. I inhaled deep, smelling a mixture of Chase’s cologne and the leather of his cut. My eyes closed momentarily until I heard rumbles behind us that were getting louder- other motorcycles. I felt Chase tense beneath my grip and he quickly squeezed my hand for reassurance. I caught a glimpse in his side mirror; an MC with cut colors of black and red came into view. “Oh great,” I breathed into the wind next to Chase’s ear.

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