Buy Me (Mistress Auctions Book 2)(8)

By: Alexa Riley

I sit back in my chair and take a sip of my vodka. Most men my age drink some kind of dark liquor, but I never developed a taste for it, preferring vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon. Sipping the cold drink, I feel it run down my throat and warm my chest. I watch as she pushes the covers off her completely, exposing her body and trying to cool off. The cameras are high definition and have night vision, but I still can’t see everything I want. As if I were there. I lick the rim of my glass, tasting the tartness of the lemon, imagining I’m licking it off her soft skin.

Mandy’s dressed in nothing but a t-shirt and panties. I watch as she rolls over onto her back and sighs with frustration. I smile to myself, thinking I should probably adjust her temperature, but I just want to torture her a little longer.

Suddenly, I see her hand run over her stomach and down into her panties.

“Fuck.” I nearly choke on my vodka. I slam my glass down on my desk and sit up to get a closer look at the monitors. I was half-hard just sitting there watching her lie there in her underwear, but now that I’m seeing her do more, I’m at full attention.

I scoot to the edge of my chair, undoing my belt and unzipping my slacks. There’s no way I’m not jerking off with her. I pull out my cock and feel its weight in my hand. I watch closely as she sneaks her hand down the front of her panties, and I see her fingers start to move. Up and down her panties go, the rubbing motion making it clear what she’s doing.

Her long slim legs are spread wide as her other hand joins the party. I can only imagine one is spreading her sweet lips while the other strums her clit. She must be in such need to rub one out right now. God, how I wish I could take care of that need for her.

I lick my palm and run it up and down my dick, using the cum leaking from the tip to help guide the way. I’m fucking solid as a rock right now and could cum from just watching her rub her pussy. She’s got me so turned on and twisted up inside, I could literally cum from a single touch from her.

I squeeze my cock, rubbing in hard strokes, just waiting for her to cum. I don’t want to cum until she does. I lick my lips, wishing I could taste just a drop of the sweet nectar between her long legs. I try to imagine how sweet she tastes. I keep up with her strokes, trying to go at the same pace, but I see her get frustrated and stop. She makes some kind of growling sound, and then goes back to working her pussy again. After another ten minutes or so she lets out another grunt and stops.

My poor girl needs help, but I can’t provide it. Not yet. I pet my hard cock, and though it kills me to wait, I will. I’m going to save it up for her. One day, I’m going to fuck her, and when I do, she’ll get this load, and every other one I’ve been holding back as I wait for her to cum first.

I grab the remote and set her room to cool. I watch as, minutes later, she's snuggled under the blanket, sleeping.

“Soon, Mandy. Soon.”

So here I am at the Mistress Auction, ready to pay for it. At least this way, I’ll have her, and I’ll get what I want. Putting an exchange of money between us makes things much clearer. I’ll pay to have her the way I want her, and she can’t do anything about it. I’m sure she’ll be less than thrilled at the way I’m getting her, but I’m beyond the point of caring. She’s been eating away at me since the first moment I laid eyes on her, and it’s time I got her. She never came in all the nights I watched her touch herself. I haven’t either, so I know both of us could really use this right about now. This is something I can give her. Maybe I could make her body crave mine as much as I crave hers, dig myself so deep into her skin she could never leave me. I'd be the only person who could make her cum.

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