Caught Breaking the Law

By: C.M. Steele

Book Five in the Caught Series

Chapter 1

“I’m investigating the death of Veronica Mason,” I said, showing my private investigator’s badge to the receptionist at the District Attorney’s office in Phoenix, Arizona. My friend asked for a favor, and well, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for a buddy of mine. Trent was a good, hardworking man and he needed me to do him a solid, so I said yes without hesitation. Besides, it was cold back home. Here the weather was sweet.

“I’m sorry, sir, but the DA is presently out to lunch with his intern,” she replied with a smile. I bet he was. I twisted my lips thinking he was probably a fucking sleaze ball. Hell, with what I found out took a couple of days, he had a fucking decade to figure it out but was too busy to deal with it apparently. “But if you like, I can schedule an appointment with them sometime this week.” She started looking down at a large planner. Typical bullshit. Something I didn’t have time for.

I immediately placed my hand over the planner, stopping her in her tracks. “I don’t have time for that. I have to be back in Seattle soon.” My tone wasn’t harsh or anything intimidating, but she got my point. I heard the ping of the elevator behind me and the snooty receptionist look up.

“I’ll see…oh, they just walked in.” She stood up and looked around me. I followed her gaze and fell in love on the fucking spot. Before me was a voluptuous brunette with a DA who was standing a little too close to her. I let out a low growl that I don’t think she heard, but her eyes smiled up at us. She was going to be mine. I had to bide my time until the Mason case was dealt with, but as far as I was concerned, she was my woman.

“Sir. This gentleman wants to look into the case that Lily Mason keeps calling about.” So Trent’s woman was trying to get real answers, but that was what Trent asked me to do. It was time for the professional to make things happen, and I was that guy. I had this all wrapped up and ready to gift the DA. I hoped as a reward the beauty would just fall into my lap.

“Really?” He scrunched his eyebrows at me with a suspicious gaze, then addressed me, “Give me a few minutes, we’ll take a look into it together.”

“Miranda, can you set up conference room B?” he asked my woman. I didn’t like him calling her by name.

“Yes, sir,” Miranda said, walking past me and down the hall. Tilting my head, I watched her walk away from behind. Fuck, her ass was round as hell. I wondered if she spent time in the gym or if she was naturally hot. I’d learn one way or another. Too busy ogling her curves, I forgot to scope out her ring finger. Damn it.

I heard a cough behind me. Oops, I’d forgotten the DA was standing there and that he could be hitting it. “She’s not available to you. You’re lucky I want this case solved sometime before I retire,” he grumbled at me.

“Yeah, well you looked awfully close to your intern,” I challenged, my jealousy showing.

I heard a giggle coming from the receptionist that stopped short with a glare from the DA. Then the old pervert responded, “She’s my daughter.”

I pursed my lips in a ‘oops, my bad,’ kind of way, then I apologized, “I’m sorry. It was wrong of me.” I didn’t tell him that I was leaving her be because that wasn’t going to happen, but I needed to get the case handled so I had to be on my best behavior. Normally, I wouldn’t have done a double take on any woman, but something in Miranda’s smile hit me straight in the chest.

“The conference room is ready,” Miranda said, walking into the reception area. “I pulled the file and set it up for you.” She also handed him another file and his glasses. He was lucky that she was his daughter because I wanted to be taken care of like that and it irked me that she was catering to him.

I followed behind them, hoping to get another glimpse of her ass. The damn DA was blocking my view. I tried to get my shit together. It would be okay; I would manage to control my lust. I was going to find a way to get her alone and in my arms.

“So Mr. Wyatt, what’s your role in this?”

“I was hired by Lilly Mason’s fiancé to look into the matter. He doesn’t like that she’s still living with the uncertainty and that she probably lived with her mother’s killer all these years.”

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