Close To Home (Westen Series)(119)

By: Suzanne Ferrell

He tilted her head back and stared at her. Desire and passion lit his eyes, the lines around his mouth softened with love. “I am going to make my home in Weston. But I want to do it with you and the boys as my family. I want you by my side, and I want you to be able to finish nursing school so you can help me in my practice. So, will you please marry me?”

“You might as well say yes, Emma,” Harriett said from behind them.

“Put the boy out of his misery.” Lorna stood beside her in the door of the café. Mama, Uncle Lloyd, and Gage stood on the sidewalk, the twins jumping up and down in front of them, while half the town, along with Clint’s brothers and sisters, stared out the windows at Emma and Clint.

Emma laughed and threw her arms around his neck. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Doctor Preston. I’d be crazy not to.”

Early winter snowflakes started to fall around them as Clint sealed their decision with a slow deep kiss.

The street filled with the tiny town’s people. They laughed and slapped each other on the back, congratulating each other on helping bring the town’s favorite daughter and the new doctor together. Horns honked. Classic rock and roll music filtered out of the café’s open door into the night. The children chased each other up and down the sidewalk.

Neither Clint nor Emma noticed.

The End

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