Cold Nights, Hot Bodies

By: Lily Harlem

Chapter One

His strong, masculine arms embraced her nakedness as he forged in farther and deeper. Each powerful thrust of his hips created a starburst of sensations that lapped at her most intimate flesh and floated her higher.

“Oh, Tobias, oh, yes, yes, Tobias,” she cried as he upped the tempo to match the racing of her heart. “Please, don’t stop, not now it’s so…” Saffron squeezed her eyes shut and became lost in the spectacular firework display behind her lids.

Tobias groaned long and hard in her ear. His hot breath ruffled through her hair. Suddenly she was there. It was as if time stood still, everything else ceased to exist. There was just her and Tobias, lying on the soft chaise on his yacht deck with the moon dancing above them. Then, in a glorious release, her whole body went into a series of powerful spasms, clutching him, pulsating around him. It was like nothing she had ever felt before.

He sought her mouth and plundered his tongue in as he curled his hips under and pumped out his own pleasure to mix with hers.

Saffron clung to her new husband with all four of her limbs, her ankles locked over his buttocks and her arms clutching his smooth shoulder blades. A single tear squeezed from her eye.

Tobias lifted his head. “Are you crying?” he asked in a soft, breathless voice.

“No, it’s just―”

“You are. Did I hurt you? Oh, Saffron, I’m so sorry. I tried to be careful, keep it under control, but you are just so perfect, so utterly divine it drives me wild.”

Saffron put her finger to his lips and pressed. “Shh, my darling, you didn’t hurt me, well not after the first bit.” She paused to smile shyly. “It was just so special, so loving and so…” She couldn’t find the words to describe the consummation of their marriage.

“Amazing.” He grinned.


“Good, it’s supposed to be amazing your first time.” He kissed her tear away.

“Does that mean it won’t be the second time?” Saffron whispered as her heart swelled with love for the man she’d just given her virginity to.

“Oh, it will be amazing the second time all right,” Tobias murmured, shifting his hips.

Saffron gasped as she felt him hardening again. A fresh wave of desire washed through her.

“In fact,” Tobias murmured, “it will probably be more so when I get you to turn around and bend—”

“Ashley, Ashley, for goodness’ sake get going, will you?”

I lifted my concentration from The Millionaire’s Virgin Bride, hastily minimizing my screen and turning to Dawn, who stood by my desk with her hands on her hips, frowning.

“Yep, just on my way now,” I said, squirming on my seat. The story had me buzzing all over. My knickers were damp and my heart pounding. Tobias was just so perfect. Handsome and manly but also sensitive and caring. As he’d cupped Saffron’s breasts and stroked over her nipples that first time, I could almost feel the calluses on his palms scratching over my own slight breasts.

“Are you reading that fluffy romantic stuff again?” Dawn asked, flicking her long blonde hair over her shoulders and reaching for her cerise leather handbag.

I’d been rumbled. No point denying it. “Yeah, it’s a new release from my favorite author,” I said, trying desperately to act as though I wasn’t turned-on by a fictitious character taking his wife’s virginity.

Dawn rolled her cherry-glossed lips in on themselves. “You need to go get yourself some real-life action,” she said, her blue eyes sparkling. “Instead of always reading about someone else’s fun.”

I resisted a sigh. It was all very well for someone who looked like a glamour model to say that. With her silky hair and tanned skin, hourglass figure and great sense of style, Dawn could have any guy she wanted, and frequently did. Finding romance and all the yumminess that went with it wasn’t a problem for her.

Okay, so I should be more confident. I should wear more “hip” clothes and get myself out there looking for a man. And I knew I should follow her well-meant suggestions about makeup and chat-up lines, but it was just so difficult to leave my mousy comfort zone. I liked it here, it felt safe in my little hole, and my stories distracted me from the man drought in my life. “I know,” I said, hoping we weren’t going to have the same conversation we’d had a million times already. “I really should.”

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