Complete (Incomplete)

By: Lindy Zart

The following people won or purchased a character role in Complete: Megan Stietz, Angela Pratt, Cathy Heard, Judith Frazee (Eddie and the Platypires). Thank you for being your cool selves.

Thanks to Tonya Nichols & Katz for the scene suggestion of a road trip for Grayson and Lily. Shenanigans ensued at your behest.

As always, thank you to my beta readers! I appreciate you taking the time to read my unpolished work, and you know, pointing out everything you don't like—and everything you do!

This is me figuratively raising my wine glass to Wendi Stitzer; the person I pay to tell me all the spelling and grammatical errors in my work.

I used a reference to KB Builders in the novel—this is an actual construction business run by my husband Kevin Zart and his brother-in-law Brent Drake. As you know, only awesome things are put in my books.

And lastly, thanks to Mars, Incorporated for their Dove Promise chocolates with the special sayings—I hold no rights to them, which is a shame.

This book is dedicated to my mother.

She is one of my dearest and most loved fans.

[This is Ariel Rodgers and we’re here today with Grayson Lee, lead singer of Thrush, one of the newest and smoking hot alternative rock bands to pop up in recent years. The song that got Thrush on the charts was their first single, Incomplete, and it is my personal favorite. Maybe you've heard it? If not, you need to listen to it STAT.

It is an honor for US Daily to be allowed the first one-on-one interview with soulful rocker Grayson who manages to mix slow and fast into his songs in a previously uncharted way. Our location is a quaint coffee shop in Los Angeles, California. It’s hot in here, out here—frankly anywhere Grayson Lee is. With his shaggy blond locks, black retro glasses, sinfully dreamy blue eyes that never lose that glint of sadness, and lanky tattooed frame—Girls, I know you agree—he holds a place in all our hearts (and fantasies). But he is not just a pretty face with a decent voice; there is depth to Mr. Lee, there is pain in him. He feels things. He is real.

Please give me a moment to fan myself before the interview commences.

AR: Grayson, thank you so much for joining me today. Originally a Wisconsin native, how would you say California is treating you?

GL: My pleasure, Ariel. This is what I have to say about California: it is a completely different world from Wisconsin. There are some things I love, and miss, that can only be found in Wisconsin, but I do know the sun shines most of the time here and that is something I won't ever complain about.

AR: When you say there are some things you love and miss that can only be found in Wisconsin, would you be referring to the mystery woman most of your songs are about?

GL: How do you know there is a mystery woman most of my songs are about?

AR: I’m a woman. I know. Come on, Grayson, spill. You have to give me some juicy gossip to impart on the world that is dying to know more about the quiet singer who keeps to himself, yet comes alive when performing. Just a tidbit.

GL: Okay. I’ll tell you. What I love and miss the most about Wisconsin are the flowers.

AR: Flowers?

GL: Yes.

AR: Any particular kind of flower?

GL: Lilies.

AR: You do know, Grayson; that lilies can be found in California?

GL: Not this kind.

AR: Would you care to elaborate?

GL: No. Sorry.

AR: Thrush has only been on the map for around two years, but already they are making headlines and fast on their way to international stardom. What are your thoughts on this?

GL: It doesn’t seem real and I wonder if it ever really will. Most days I feel like this is all a dream and my reality is somewhere else.

AR: How are you adapting to it all? Are you overwhelmed, loving it, can’t get enough of it?

GL: I never wanted to be famous, and I’m not saying I am, not at all. I just wanted to write and sing music and be financially stable, so yes, at times, this is all a little overwhelming. But when I perform, it’s surreal—in a good way. It is a moment of pure positive emotion that I wish I could bottle up and take with me everywhere and open it up whenever I’m feeling down.

AR: So it’s your drug of choice?

GL: I guess you could say that.

AR: Speaking of drugs; you don’t drink. You don’t smoke. Is there a reason you’re so careful to stay in control?

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