Convincing Constance (The Blow Hole Boys)(81)

By: Tabatha Vargo

Hope Iverson holds a secret that could destroy everything she’s built. The burden of her past is too heavy, and she turns to drugs for relief. She wants to be emotionless and refuses to feel for anyone, until she meets the charismatic drummer for Blow Hole. His smart mouth and inked body make her feel things, and she despises him for it. In the end, promises will be broken, lives will be destroyed, and Hope must decide what’s most important to her—secrets, love, or life.

Summer 2014

Sometimes a little heat is all it takes to lighten a heavy heart.

Shannon Daniels has a secret. She’s afraid of men. Even her closest friends are clueless of her fear. But when Matthew Ellis, the most dangerous man alive, literally falls into her lap, fear is the last thing she feels. For the first time in her life, she desires a man and she plans on taking advantage of her new craving. Shannon hatches a plan to satisfy her sudden hunger, but dancing with the devil will get you more than a one-way trip to hell, and Shannon finds out quick that even the best-laid plans go awry.

Matt Ellis works hard and plays harder. His only rule in life is to never get caught in the tangled web of a woman. After a devastating heartbreak, he’s determined to die a bachelor. When he meets Shannon, a chubby redhead with a firecracker personality, he decides to add her to his list of conquests. The good news is she’s okay with a hot and heavy fling. The bad news is, for the first time since he was a teenager, being caught doesn’t seem that unappealing.

THANK YOU! Yes, you! If you’re reading this, then you’re awesome. I have the most amazing readers. You guys pick up my books, you read them, and you love them, and that to me is just the most wonderful feeling ever. So to you, the reader, you’re amazing and I appreciate you so much.

Secondly, I want to thank my husband Matthew. He has taught me everything I know about love and romance. He’s my biggest supporter and always has been. Thank you, baby, from the depths of my soul. I love you.

Melissa Burek, we’ve known each other for years, but just this past year we’ve gotten super close. Thank you for coming into my crazy author world and loving it as much as I do. I appreciate you having my back in this. You’re amazing and I thank you.

Melissa Andrea, thanks for always being there when I need to bounce ideas around. My story always disappears until I talk to you. I think my brain likes you. Thanks, chica! Love you!

To Paula Kaesburg, my speed-reader. You always support me and it means the world. Thank you.

Regina Wamba… That is all that needs to be said about the best damn cover designer ever. You’re my girl, G! And I love you all the way to Minnesota.

Cassie McCown, my sweet and wonderful editor, you’re the most patient person alive. Thank you for picking through my garbage and finding the gold that lies beneath. You rock, chick!

To Gloria Elena Gonzalez, thank you for naming my girl band. It was fun reading through all the suggestions, but you nailed it. I love, love, love the name Red Room Sirens. Such an awesome name for a band of girls.

To my street team, you guys are freaking amazing. The support you give me blows my mind and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. If I could, I’d give you all great big squeezing hugs.

To every blogger/page administrator who has posted or shared anything for me since I’ve started publishing, thank you. I can’t stress enough how much you guys mean to me. You guys supported me from day one and that’s more valuable to me than gold. I send you all bear hugs and love.

To all my friends and family who have been supportive of my writing throughout the years. Thank you. I love you.

And finally to my daughter, Ashlynn, who’s my inspiration for everything I do. You’re my life. I love you more than love, baby girl.

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