Ebon Fire (Wildfire Series Book 2)

By: Wolf Specter

Wildfire Series - Book 2

(M_M Gay Shifter Mpreg Romance)

Chapter One


I’m always at my best when the bell rings.

Ladder 34 is crammed into an old firehouse on the east end of town. Sandwiched between two other buildings, the irony that this place is a huge fire hazard is lost on no one. But just like me, it's managed to get through a few centuries with only a little wear and tear, so it has my respect.

The old bell slices through my dreamless sleep somewhere around two in the morning. All the guys take shifts at the firehouse, staying here for days at a time while on call. This last stretch has been pretty boring, so the shrill cry gets my blood pumping.

Adrenaline courses hot through my veins, a nice contrast against the cold winter night. Already in my shirt and pants, I make my way to the pole. This place is so damn old it still has one, and most of us are just overgrown kids who get one hell of a kick out of sliding down it every day. Tonight, my bare feet land hard on the first floor, and I see I'm already late to the party.

"What's the matter, Davies? Need a little more beauty sleep?"

I've been working with Reynolds for over five years now. He’s the closest thing to a purely human friend I have. Of course, that means he gives me shit whenever he gets a chance. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

"Sorry, Reynolds. Would’ve been down right away, but man, your sister tired me out last night."

"Fucking asshole," he says around a deep chuckle.

He knows I'm bi, with a strong preference for guys. Hell, he probably thinks I'm gay, and that's just fine by me. Reynolds might be my friend, but he doesn't need to know the details of my sex life. I can guarantee, though, it doesn't involve his sister. She's cute, but so not my type.

Still, if I don’t give him shit, he’ll think something’s wrong with me.

Opening up my locker, I pull on my equipment piece by piece. It's just as heavy as always, though it probably fits on my frame a little easier than everyone else’s. Wearing a second skin is nothing new to me, after all.

"So what are we dealing with? Anyone know?"

The other guys of Ladder 34 surround me. Hastings. Bloom. Jenner. A couple others I've never really had a drink with outside of work.

They’re good guys, all of them. But I wonder just how they’d act if they really knew what I am.

"Kitchen fire in a townhouse. Likely grease. It spread up the walls, and it'll probably make it up to the second for pretty soon."

Shit, townhouses are the worst. That's essentially what this fire station is. And if it ever caught a spark, we'd be completely fucked.

I dress with haste, tucking my helmet under my arm and heading out to the garage where the truck is already gassed up and waiting. Reynolds climbs up into the driver's seat and I take my position beside him. He's the most senior member on the team, but not by much, so the guys mostly see us as equals.

Engine 56’s siren blares all through the not-so-sleepy streets of Boston, and it's a pretty quick drive to the townhouse in question. There are so many firehouses peppered about the city that we each get a pretty small swath of territory to cover. It makes for a lot less fatalities, and usually a lot less property damage.

As we pull up, there's already an officer on scene. Whether he was on patrol, or just happened to beat us there, I don't know. I guess it doesn't much matter. He isn’t equipped to handle this, and we are.

As soon as I open my door, I hear a man half in hysterics, barely being held back by the officer in question. I can't understand what he's saying, but another officer approaches us and fills us in.

"Two civilians on the second floor. A woman and her young son. We had to keep the husband from going back in there."

The fact that he left without his family doesn't sit well with me. I cast him a glance across the cramped parking lot, and my gaze narrows. We could be dealing with more than a simple kitchen fire here, but it's not my job to figure that out.

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