Embrace: Evolve Series, Book Two(5)

By: S.E. Hall

“I know,” she hums, kissing me once, quickly, before opening her door. I follow her into the house, stopping to turn out the lights and lock up.

She walks right in like she belongs here, and it makes me damn happy she feels that way.


After her nightly routine, she crawls into bed with me, throwing one long, toned leg over mine and resting her head on my chest. She smells of her favorite lavender lotion, her skin even silkier than usual as my fingertips trace just above her knee, exposed as her silky nightgown rides up. Having never been in love before, or in a real relationship with a woman, I’m not positive what I’m supposed to do right now. Something tells me I need to be sensitive to her difficult night and just hold her, but the man in me is screaming to mark her, claim her, and give her all she’ll ever need from me and only me.

I’ve almost convinced my dick he’s not running the show when she snuggles up closer against me, shifting so the warm, barely-there crotch of her thong slides along my thigh. My arm instinctively tightens around her, a grumble sounding from me. “Laney?” I know she’s not asleep. Tempting little faker.


“Trying to be the sensitive, caring gentleman here.”

“Whatever you think is best,” she mumbles in mock sleepiness, rolling her hips slightly.

Ah fuck.

She’s on her back, hands pinned above her head with my body covering hers, before I know what hit me. I lower my head, breathing in her sweet scent, sucking on the spot where her neck meets her shoulder. Helpless without her hands, she writhes beneath me, groaning. I drag my tongue from the base of her throat all the way to her ear where I groan, “Whose baby are you?”

The stubborn, sexy girl holds out, refusing to answer me, so I use my one free hand to push her nightgown up her body. Her muscles quiver beneath my mouth as I bite and lick her stomach, kissing her navel as I would her mouth. Her legs come up, gripping around me as she raises her lower body from the bed, seeking contact.

“Say it, Laney. Whose girl are you?”

She bites her bottom lip, fighting against her words, coaxing me to torture her more. I’m on to her game and more than willing to play. My cock is achingly hard enough to do some serious damage, and I press between her thighs. “Who do you want there, baby?”

Those doe eyes of hers narrow in lustful challenge as she teasingly drags her tongue across her bottom lip. God. That move drives me crazy and she knows it. In one tug, I rip her thong in the middle, leaving the band around her waist, and inch a single finger down, tracing, teasing her right back.

“Dane…” My name is a drawn out moan as her head thrashes back and forth, her cheeks flushed.

There we go—my name. I’ll support her in all the ways she needs me to, always be the sensitive, caring partner, but at the end of the day, my name will be the one she moans. My arms will be the ones that hold her. Laney is mine. I really hope no one mistakes my kindness for weakness; that’d be a big oversight.

“I’m right here, gorgeous.” Releasing her hands, I take her clothes all the way off and she wriggles to help. “Feed me one,” I say, my demand a growl, at the sight of her glorious chest.

With a look of shock, then a smirk of wanton comprehension, she cups one breast and lifts it to my mouth. I latch on to a rosy nipple as soft and pink as her lips, sucking as I firmly grip the other. Soon I switch, showing both mounds equal appreciation while Laney’s hands fist tightly in my hair and smash my face into her. She’s so reactive to foreplay, her nipples a sensitive hot spot, and I show her how much I love them.

Unable to take it much longer, but mindful that I have to get her plenty ready to take me inside her, I release a breast from my mouth with a pop. She whimpers at the loss and tries to pull my head back to her. I snicker at how adorable she is and run my nose along hers, another of her favorite moves.

“I wanna taste you,” I say against her lips.

This will be another first for us, and I’m almost positive her first at all, but the possessive animal in me has to know. “Will I be the first to lick you there, Laney? Hmmm?”

I don’t miss her little gasp. “Yes, just you,” she answers huskily, actually pushing my head down there.

Greedy little thing! I love it; love how bad she wants me, how she forgets she’s a novice when it’s just her and I together like this. Oh, how it fucks with my head, my heart, to know I’m her first at this too. The first taste of her is heaven. She’s smooth and sweet, her scent of innocence and want flaring my nostrils and sending my primal instincts into overdrive. I could feast on her forever, just like this. I push my tongue in and out of her, then lick the edges slowly, finally placing a gentle bite on her clit. She yelps and arches off the bed, so I grab her hips to hold her in place, repeating the pattern. Her thighs begin to tremble and her wail is one long, non-stop noise, so I abruptly add two fingers, sending her completely over the edge.

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